Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadism update

Nancy Pelosi supports prosecutions of Bush administration officials, prompting an AOSHQ commenter to ask:
WTF. I mean, seriously. What the hell do these f----rs want? They won the election. Will they not be satisfied until they completely trash this man and those who work for him?
Look, let 'em run with this ball as far as they want. Their petty vindictiveness will horrify common-sense people, and the only people they'll please are the Glenn Greenwald-type zealots, who aren't exactly "swing" voters.


  1. I'm with The Anchoress; if that's the way they want to do thing, then bring it.

  2. I've never that Glenn Greenwald swings ... not that there's anything wrong with that ...

  3. I kind of look forward to a thorough review of Bush's "failings." It will be refreshing to systematically identify the culprit - the Democratic Congress - for almost all of them.

    Maybe we could include impeachments for Reid and Pelosi in the same exercise.