Thursday, January 22, 2009

David Frum goes gay

OK, misleading headline there. Actually, David Frum's new-minted "New Majority" Web site publishes Jamie Kirchick's article, "Give Up the Losing Fight on Gay Rights, GOP."

Let's put Jamie Kirchick in the time machine:
  • 1965: Give Up the Losing Fight on Communism, GOP
  • 1977: Give Up the Losing Fight on Taxes, GOP
  • 1993: Give Up the Losing Fight on Guns, GOP
  • 2007: Give Up the Losing Fight on Terrorism, GOP
In the wake of a lost election, it's easy to say that Republicans should cede ground on this or that issue. If memory serves, amendments to protect the traditional definition of marriage had passed in all 31 states where they were on the ballot, most notably in California, where this turned out to be pretty much the only thing blacks and Hispanics agreed with conservatives about.

I know Jamie and consider him a friend, but he's just dug into the bunker on this issue, and there's no point arguing with him. But if the gay-marriage constituency doesn't amount to a majority in California, what exactly is the electoral calculus by which being pro-gay-marriage is a winner for the GOP?

Special pleading aside, Kirchick's argument here is much like the argument that Republicans should support amnesty for illegal aliens. Even though polls consistently show that amnesty is unpopular, we are told that the GOP simply must support it or risk losing a key constituency. But the electoral calculus makes no sense.

This is one of those things where perception is the real problem. The Left frames the issue as one of "rights" and "tolerance," then depict opponents of their agenda as intolerant oppressors. It's like Stan in "The Life of Brian," demanding to be called Loretta: "Don't you oppress me!"

Excuse me for not playing nicely with others.

UPDATE: Ed Whelan suggests that Kirchick mischaracterizes the discussion at last month's National Review Institute.

UPDATE II: Another party I wasn't invited to.


  1. Frum's website should read "new majority so long as you don't really care about any principles whatsover." No thanks.

  2. "Frum's website should read "new majority so long as you don't really care about any principles whatsover." No thanks."

    Hammer. Nail. Head.

    Frum is another Vichy Republican who's never met a principle he wouldn't discard.

    In the end, Frum is a snooty elitist who doesn't give a rat's ass about conservatism - only about electing people with an 'R' next to their name. And if he thinks that sacrificing conservative principles brings him closer to that goal, then buh-bye principles.

    BTW, in the wake of Republicans sacrificing their principles for the last 8 years, how's that working out, Dave?

  3. Frumm's site has been up for 2 days; ignore it as an anti-conservative website!