Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feel the Hope!

"Now, many of you may be wondering why someone who is of Asian decent would be so antagonistic toward Obama and his background. And while Michelle may be a whore for the far-right — and she is certainly being a good one by discounting this momentous event — it still gives us pause. While most whores love to bring joy to people, it seems this one only seeks to spread hate."
-- two white guys at HuffPo

First of all, it is "descent," not "decent," and Michelle is not merely descended from Asians, she's the daughter of Filipino immigrants, so she is Asian. (To help the quota-minded: She's twice as much Asian-American as Obama is African-American.)

Second, at least as far back as her college days at Oberlin, Michelle declared war on the identity-politics idea that, because she's (a) Asian and (b) female, therefore she must adhere to and advocate various left-wing beliefs. She hates that crap, and thank God.

Third, notice how Obama is used as a weapon to provide Complete Moral Authority to these two white guys, so that they feel they have impunity to call a married mother of two a "whore."

This gleeful deployment of second-hand entitlement -- the narcissistic self-congratulation of those who think their political affiliation makes them superior to everyone else -- is a rope with which our progressive friends are welcome to go hang themselves. I mean, really: Do you clowns think the American people are so stupid that they will never see through your little trick?

Just keep it up, assholes.

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  1. Just keep it up, assholes.

    Or what? Gonna smite us with your mighty blog?

    Ooooo. Scary.