Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strange death of a Brazilian beauty

Urinary-tract infection leads to septic shock, necrosis, amputation, organ failure and death:
Brazilian model Mariana Bridi da Costa, whose hands and feet were amputated in a bid to save her from a deadly and little-known illness, died early Saturday, two friends of the model told CNN. . . .
Da Costa, 20, had fought a pernicious disease that has ravaged her body and forced doctors to perform the amputations and extract part of her stomach as well as both kidneys. . . .
Da Costa suffered from necrosis, or the fast deadening of tissue, caused by septicemia. Septicemia, triggered by a bacterial infection, causes insufficient blood flow that can lead to organ failure.
(Via Ann Althouse.)


  1. CNN says "it is the tenth leading cause of deaths in the United States" Good Lord! That's scary. What a terrible way to go.

  2. Was this related to "toxic shock syndrome", that happened in the US 15-20 years ago? That had to do with "super absorbent" tampons that were *too* absorbent - creating a dangerous situation, where multiple strains of bacteria flourished and attacked in a horribly short time. Since then the problem products were modified, and I haven't heard of any related problems since.

    But I wonder if the Brazilians are re-learning that lesson we paid in lives to learn. In a way, I hope it is the same thing - meaning the solution is readily available and many fewer lives need be at risk.