Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Hate Obama

"Red Eye" co-host Andy Levy:
DON’T use the word “divisive.” At this point, all that word means is “You disagree with me,” and the English language gets mangled enough these days.
DON’T use the phrase “speaking truth to power.” EVER.
DON’T move to Canada.
Lots more where that came from at Big Hollywood.


  1. Is it OK to ask what the Constitution means, in particular, the 10th Amendment, or am I just a broken record*?

    * Wikipedia reference.

  2. Right, don't move to Canada.

    If you're a Conservative or Libertairan you ought to be moving to Mexico!

    Free Market Health Care, Private Property Rights, and Cheap Prescription drugs.

    Plus the weather is like 1,000 times better than Canada.