Friday, October 23, 2009

NY23 VIDEO: 'Go, Doug, Go!'

From yesterday in Watertown, N.Y. Dick Armey's endorsement speech for Doug Hoffman is interrupted by chants from supporters.

"Doug saw the need to have a conservative in this race and stepped into the race. I believe that instantaneously made him the front-runner."
-- Dick Armey
Well, you see who supports Doug Hoffman. There's also Mark Levin, the Susan B. Anthony List, Fred Thompson, the Club for Growth, Sarah Palin . . . lots of people.

Who supports Dede Scozzafava? The abortion lobby and labor unions. Only one thing to do: Dump Dede.



  1. And let the braindead liberals beware.this is your first shot across the bow. More is on the way as you reap what you sowed..what did you sow? you sowed President Wee and his czars.And the road to something America is not about and never has been.