Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elections Notes for NY and CA

by Smitty

Jeremayakovka, the "Broken-Hearted Knight Errant" forwards a couple of pictures from the election battle:
Downtown Plattsburgh:

and a fellow with a flag and a sign saying "Your children will never understand why you let this happen to America. Speak up!":

Panning left across the country for California gold, CA-10 is as interesting and worthy of attention. Jumping in Pools has the lowdown:
On September first, during the Republican primary, David Harmer received 22,000 votes, more then the other five Republicans combined. Harmer also received 21.05% of the total vote on that day, as the Democrats held their primary as well, and they nominated California's Lt.Governor John Garamendi, a radical leftist who is obsessed with elected office.

Running in one of the most Democratic districts in California, Harmer was facing an uphill battle from day one of the general election campaign, however, I saw the potential for victory several months ago, it was based on if the Republican candidate could produce a large turnout from his side, and hope the Democrats are demoralized, thus failing to register their usual large percentage of turnout, Harmer could be able to pull it off, a very very special election upset.

A quick glance at a policy rap sheet seems to indicate Harmer's worthy of support.

These races would be a signal to a competent President about the acceptability of the Coming Copenhagen Catastrophe. Remember, too, that these races are crucial for building momentum into next Spring's mid-term election run-up. Anyone not taking the situation seriously should be forced to read Czar d'Oz.


  1. Ah yes, Garamendi. You should do a little checking on his brother Sam...the one who keeps losing his school superintendant jobs for abusing students.......I believe he is on number three right now.