Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday has never been dependant on Technorati, thankfully. The goodness pours in to the email box, and comes out as a post dedicated to the positive, the uplifting, that which puts a smile on the face.

Rule 5 is a No Megan McCain zone. She pimped herself well enough last week.
  • Instapundit links to hot geek girls, claiming experience with such.
  • HotMES has a post showing the effects of positive peer pressure on men.
  • Troglopundit has a post on the negative effects of peer pressure on women. A Rule 5 that sort of shrank. He also follows up Politico's 15 hottest world leaders article.
  • Bob Belvedere has some Sophia Loren that should be a guide for all supermodel metrics. He follows her up with Barbara Rhodes and Caroline Munro. Additional Rule 5 submissions, under the women packing heat rule, were a formation of Red Chinese women in green uniforms and Red Christina Hendricks.
  • House of Eratosthenes surveys Jessica Biel and Kelly Brook with that scientist-peering-through-artistic eye of his.
  • Boom Boom Boom features Ursula Andress from The 10th Victim, which may need to go on the Rule 5 Viewing List.
  • Jaded Haven shows avatar, and the comments got into a discussion of my tattoo.
  • Cynthia Yockey considers shopping for a bow, though I feel it may be too subtle for her.
  • Three Beers Later has a cute cartoon, before moving on to some serious (for Rule 5 Sunday) exercise. Love that funky soundtrack. In restaurant reviews, McEnroe has found an Italian restaurant with a Sophia Loren wall, adjacent the Pope wall. Holy pasta, Batman!
  • Fishersville Mike salutes Georgia Frontiere, who moved the Rams to St. Louis and got a Lombardi Trophy for her efforts.
  • Adrienne sounds mildly perturbed at us for "posting all the girlie pictures". Rule 5 likes it when the complaint is matched by a suitable rebuttal, since we're really non-discriminatory about matters.
  • Rightofcourse features Nebraska cheerleaders.
  • Libertarian Advocate monkeys around with a fine brunette and a beer commercial.
  • Dustbury explores the concept of Rule 5 furniture.
  • Jeffords has a post on personal favorite Jenna Fischer. He missed that Wired cover of hers, a good excuse for a sequel.
  • WyBlog endorses Stepfanie Velez-Gentry, for those following New Jersey politics.
  • The Classic Liberal has a Van Morrison moment with Rachael Leigh Cook, and has a birthday bonus roundup.
  • Nation of Cowards finds courage in international flag bikinis. Go, Canada!
  • Smash Mouth Politics has an Ode to Cowgirls.
  • Amused Cynic has a clip of a go-go girl in a glass box. Bonus points for anyone that can identify the movie.
That's your Rule 5 wrap for the nonce. Slide your tasteful URLs to Smitty for inclusion.

Tune in tomorrow at noon for more Czar d'Oz, as earlier gifts from Porch Manqué Productions keep on giving.

Update: HotMES also has some bonus Heidi Klum.

Update II: The Indentured Servant Girl features Katharine Ross, AKA Elaine in The Graduate.

Update III: Thought we'd lost Paco, but he comes through with Thelma White.


  1. Mad King Charles JohnsonSun Oct 18, 12:39:00 PM

    The plan of the Lizoid Overlords to take over the government is almost complete. Ignore the nut case in Colorado, our plan is close to fruition.

    The Geiko Gecko and Barack Obama? Yes there is a connection. Hillary? A shape shifting lizard? Yep. Al Franken? Yep. We will eventually get them all.

    Now excuse me while I denounce some crypto Nazis and racists (keeps the pressure off us crypto lizards).

  2. Mr. McCain, it may interest you to know that Ben Shapiro just profiled your (distant) cuz, in a list-of-ways-to-be-taken-seriously format: