Thursday, October 22, 2009

National Desk, Syracuse, N.Y., 3:45 p.m.

BREAKING UPDATE: Michelle Malkin demands Scozzafava withdrawal in NY23. Other bloggers join call. The Other McCain finally gets back to his hotel room for working lunch.

Dump Dede. EXPECT UPDATES . . .

UPDATE (1725, Smitty) The Monty Python remain critical of some products mentioned in this post (NSFW).


  1. Budweiser?! That's disgusting. You'll have to report the funds that Anheuser-Busch kicked back to you for this plug to the Obama Administration's Czar overseeing such activity.

  2. Should have been a Sam Adams Octoberfest. Patriot beer.

  3. I use the following disclaimer:

    In pre-compliance with FTC rules pertaining to bloggers to take effect December 1, 2009, I, Libertarian Advocote, certify that I have received no compensation, whether tangible or intangible, in exchange for posting ______ concerning the commercial product hereinabove referenced. /sarc off

  4. Hey, he's trying to have a three martini lunch on a well, beer budget! Whaddya expect?

    I expect he didn't even pay for it, he's a very social conservative.

    I've seen him schmooze, he's good.

  5. The lobby bar didn't have Corona, which has recently replaced Budweiser as Official Beer of The Other McCain. (Anheuser-Busch never forked over the requested payola.)

  6. Light Lunch: 1 Bud Lite and 1/2 pack cigs!

    Yep, that 'er do ya.

    Certainly would like to see Guv. Palin stumping for Hoffman. (Would give the mentally deficient Alaskan bloggers a new subject to rant and rave about.) More than the aforementioned, would also show who was the drawing ticket during the last prez. campaign. The other "other McCain" drew about 100 or so for McDonald.

  7. Life is too short to drink bad beer.