Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hoffman Launches New Radio Ad;
Grassroots Launch a Money Bomb

The Hoffman campaign has uncorked one heck of a radio advertisement today (link opens an mp3 file). You may recognize the setup from his opponent's recent panic over being asked questions by a reporter. Here's the transcript.
[Audio recording static and telephone ringing sfx, male voice] 911, please state your emergency.

[Female voice, agitated] Yes, I work for Dede Scozzafava. A reporter just asked about her voting to increase taxes!

[911] I see the problem. Which of Scozzafava’s 190 votes to raise taxes did the reporter ask about?

[CALLER] I don't know, I mean, she’s been in Albany 10 years . . .

[911] Got it. Did the reporter say anything to Scozzafava about all the pork barrel spending she voted for?

[CALLER] No, people don’t know about that . . .

[911] OK, how about all the times Scozzafava voted for gay marriage?

[CALLER] I don’t know. She’s a professional politician! Who has the right to ask her questions? It was so . . . revealing, you know?

[911] We’ll get a unit out there. But there really isn’t a law to stop people from asking politicians questions.

[CALLER] Well, there ought be. Believe me, her campaign’s gonna get killed if taxpayers figure out how liberal Scozzafava is.

[CANDIDATE] I’m Doug Hoffman and I approved this ad.

[ANNOUNCER] Paid for by Hoffman for Congress. Doug Hoffman For Congress Dot Com.
That's pretty good. I think it would have had a bit more bite had the caller been a shaky male voice, perhaps with a Scozzafava sound-alike in the background telling the caller how menacing the reporter is and how he's threatening her with questions about her record. But I'm not paid to make radio ads...


On a related note, go, go grassroots power

That's the amount of money that Conservative party nominee Doug Hoffman raised online in the last seven days in support of his candidacy in the special election in New York's 23rd district, according to a source close to the campaign.

The source would not speculate on what Hoffman's total raised number would be when reports are filed with the Federal Election by midnight tonight. But, his Internet haul almost certainly means he will outdistance state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, the Republican nominee, who, party strategists acknowledge, will post a very weak report. (Hoffman, Scozzafava nor Democrat Bill Owens had filed their reports at press time.)

However, it's clear that the MSM still hasn't gotten the message. Cilizza, and Politico's duo of Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen who he quoted to make his point, still think the Tea Party movement was solely a reaction to President Obama's policies. Obviously, they haven't been paying attention. While the Tea Party movement does strongly disagree with the freedom-strangling, wastrel policies of President Obama, their protests aren't aimed at him because most of the protesters have very clearly heard the Democratic Party's message that neither it nor the President are particularly interested in listening to them.

Instead, the protesters have been aiming their most pointed messages at the Republican Party that purports to represent them. Consider this week-long Hoffman money bomb the loudest message yet.

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