Sunday, October 18, 2009


An anonymous reader comments:
LGF Traffic Report: 72% = ex-LGF'ers watching the train wreck , 18% = Leftists watching to see if it's all real, 5% = Amazon shoppers looking for a refund, 5% = photography nuts looking for still shots of the Pacific Ocean.
Folks, I hate to keep going back to this bottomless well of 100% pure guano crazy, but we are witnessing a truly world-historical online self-immolation. Not since the Hindenburg-at-Lakehurst implosion of Culture 11 has the blogsphere seen anything like this.

BTW, this was headlined Friday, but good work deserves more attention. William Teach at Pirate's Cove made a special request for a cartoon from TFMo at Christmas Ghost, and if you'll click the image below you can see the whole thing:

(IDs of the Baby Bloggers.) Also, stay 'tooned for the latest LOL from Bite Me Comics!

Everybody's spellbound by what Jethro Tull might have called the "shuffling madness" of Mad King Charles and the Little Green Meltdown, and the ex-LGFers at Blogmocracy 2.0 are your go-to source on the All-Time Loser.

Let me end this latest episode of the Johnson Chronicles by saying that I make no apologies for selling ads or rattling the tip-jar:
  • From Day One, this has been a proudly capitalist blog, and there is no shame in a direct fee-for-service arrangement between writer and reader. Hit the tip jar.
  • Editors? We don't need no stinkin' editors! Hit the tip jar.
  • Following the philosophy of Sam Walton, this blog is a low-overhead, deep-discount operation. We eliminate the middleman and drop-ship the brilliance direct to you at low, low prices! Hit the tip jar.
Think of it this way: I'm Michelangelo, you're the Pope. If you dig the crazy scene on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, then hit me for $2, $5, $10 -- whatever you think it's worth. Be a patron of the blogging arts and hit my tip jar.


  1. You just know that Mad King Charles is expecting to be "tapped" [ah, if only it could be the old fashioned way...I keed I keed.] to be the "Blog Czar".
    And he still doesn't seem to get that we are all laughing AT HIM not with him....although come tio think of it,I have never once seen even a remote sign of any sense of humor out of the idiot, have you? Has anyone?
    And now poor pathetic chuckles is visiting my blog.
    Now that's just funny right there.......

  2. Thanks so much for posting my art! I'm glad you and the others are enjoying it.

    I also did a Chuckles toon about a month ago, requested by Christmas Ghost. Here's the link and I hope you like this one too!

  3. Stacy . . .

    Chuck even deletes from his links pages. You will find this blog item interesting.

  4. Ian Anderson! my heart is all a-flutter . . . !

  5. Little Miss Attila said...
    Ian Anderson! my heart is all a-flutter . . . !

    Madame, try to maintain your dignity. Your behavior is unseemly, like Andrew Sullivan excited by the prospect of finally seeing the smoking-gun records from Sarah Palin's OB-GYN.

  6. It would appear that Johnsons latest jihad appears to be Pamela Andersons breasts.

    Can't much longer before he's measured up for a straight jacket and carted off to the nearest rubber room.

  7. That Pammy whine of Chucky's was hilarious. I haven't heard RS complain or denigrate Pam in the past, yet, I have seen Chuck denigrate and whine about Glenn Beck time after time after time. Yet, he had a Beck ad on his site.

    Chuck is a total Tool.

  8. "photography nuts looking for still shots of the Pacific Ocean."

    Guess that means Charles Johnson appeals to folks who are littorally insane.

  9. I kinda don't get what is going on over at LGF, and I find it rather sad.

    The original Four Horseman of the Ablogcalypse were 1) Glenn "Bad Haircut Law Prof" Reynolds of Instapundit, Charles Johnson of LGF, Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Dish, and Stephen Den Beste of the USS Clueless. These four were from diverse political and social backgrounds, but they were united after 9-11 in their support for fighting the terrorists and Saddam.

    Mr. Den Beste dropped out on account of personal and health reasons, then Mr. Sullivan went bonkers over Mr. Bush's support of DOMA, something completely unrelated and peripheral, and now Mr. Johnson seems to be at war with the entire right side of the blogosphere.

    Charles Johnson explained at the outset that he was a liberal Democrat who had an epiphany after 9-11, and I suppose he never was in "lock step" with the right, but I still don't "get" what is happening.

  10. Thanks for linking to my work! It is much appreciated!

  11. I can't believe no one's figured it out yet. It's actually pretty simple. After the election, Johnson's income dropped considerably as his website traffic dwindled. Rather than actually get off his ass and get a job, he's deliberately chosen to go over to the dark side and accept $$ from Soros minions. The proof is in the change in content he writes, and in the routing of all previous site registrants who were openly anti-Obama. Link contributors were eventually taken over by progressive liberal propaganda posters. (There's even one new chick who now posts poetry daily.)

    Charles Johnson sold out, plain and simple.