Saturday, October 24, 2009

Factors Militating Journalistic Renaissance Action

by Smitty

6. And thus did the dextrosphere send forth its quixotic champion, the heir to the gonzo pen, His Angus Youngsterness, Robert Stacy McCain.
7. The readers indeed rejoiced, for they received constant insights, interesting exclusives, and intriguing anecdotes.
8. Despite all that, or perhaps because of it, the Foe waxed pissed, and spake harshly unto the Fell Minions and saith: "Who will rid me of this meddlesom priest of Real Journalism?"
9. And the Fell Minions were like: "Dude, Alisnky didn't say jack about what to do with The Mac."
--The Annals of Stacy McCain, CIV 6-9
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Legal Insurrection honored Stacy's efforts with the Special Alert position on the top left column. Thank you, sir.
A Week Without LGF Shenanigans is Like Winter Without Flu:
  • Christmas Ghost put Stacy back in his schoolboy attire for the 'toonblogger roundup.
Cue the Angus:

  • Little Miss Attila linked us, correcting some spelling infelicities and noting that the Angus look was an improvement over the infamous speedo look.
  • Political Byline helped out with the identities of the bloggers.
  • Jumping in Pools had a dust-up with His Lizardry over a picture on their site. I guess Charles does portraits, too. Apparently Charles has labeled Mike Huckabee a theocrat. Charles's quest to become Dan Rather continues apace.

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    1. "Jumping in Pools had a dust-up with His Lizardry over a picture on their site."

      Turned out to be more than a dust up. LGF's Cato the Elder got his ass whooped up and down the comment section of that thread.