Sunday, October 18, 2009

NY23 UPDATE: It's a miracle!

Like a sign from God -- In Hoc Signo Vinces -- the impossible has happened for the Doug Hoffman campaign.

Even I was astonished to learn that the campaign has received an online contribution from The World's Cheapest Conservative. Read the whole thing! And here's a video of Hoffman at the Saturday opening of his Watertown, N.Y., campaign office:


  1. Linked to this posting and quoted from and linked to the Greenroom one at

    What I wrote at TCOTS: Being the Number One Cynical SOB, I tend to discount such words, but I must admit that now is the best chance for what Stacy advocates to work. We've been shown the power we individuals hold at TEA Parties and townhalls around the country. The momentum is with us and if we all put a shoulder in, we have, I think, a decent chance of moving the load.

  2. Absolutely! I'm telling everyone I know -- in emails, in person, and on "social networking" sites -- that we have to OPEN UP OUR WALLETS as well as speak our minds!! This is going to COST us something to get the leftists out of DC but we MUST DO IT!!!!

    I've already donated to Hoffmann as well as other conservative candidates around the country. I can't afford to give much ... sometimes no more than what, say, a shoe shine would cost ... but I do what I can.