Thursday, October 22, 2009


by Smitty (h/t Atlas Shrugs)

Even though I don't support his atheism, Pat Condell remains spot on and well worth your time.

And that is the gorgeous thing about freedom of speech: you can cheer for the 99% of this clip that is spot on, and politely overlook the part with which you're in disagreement. Civilization.

Update: Linked at Carol's Closet: "No free person should ever allow their speech to subjected to the whims of the state."


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! The fact that I don't agree with his (anti)religious view does nothing to dampen my support for his realistic views regarding Islam.


  2. Islam repulses me. No really. Oddly I can't stop it spontaneously repulsing me. I think it may have something to do with how repulsive Mohammad, the Koran and Islam are and the words and deeds of millions of authentic Muslims. Oh that's right...Islam is shite! THAT'S why it's repulsive. Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

  3. Here's a man that tells it like it is.

    It just disgusts me that we have a president who is trying to limit the free speech of a certain news organization and they come out with some pithy comment.

    My God, stand up for the constitution, you're a news organization. Be proud. Don't bow before this Messiah BS. He deserves no respect. Let the Europeans bow down, not me. He doesn't give a shit about our great document, the Constitution of the United States. That we need a European to tell us that it's the anchor of Western Civ, shows that we need to open our eyes.

    Would we hear a comment like "Give me liberty or give me death" from any of these organizations? No. They didn't even have the balls to print the cartoons of Mohammed.

    Condell speaks the truth, I'm sure there's some fatwa on him from those sweet religion of peacers.

  4. "Civilization." You can say that again. That's the antithesis of the hysterical left which is constantly looking for thought crime.