Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hoffman to Endorse the Flat Tax,
Dick Armey to Go Rogue

Guest-posted by Jimmie Bise of The Sundries Shack.

Doug Hoffman, whose name you might have read a time or three around here, is a Certified Public Accountant by profession. That means he makes an awful lot of money from the convoluted tax code Washington has foisted upon us over the years. April 15 is pretty much Christmas for CPAs.

But Doug is not a normal accountant and far from the normal political candidate. In fact, he is reportedly going to take a stand tomorrow on an issue that could cost him a pretty penny.

But I'm going to hold you in suspense for a minute to throw you another interesting little tidbit. Dick Armey, the head of FreedomWorks, is in New York this evening and he'll be doing a couple events with Hoffman tomorrow morning. You can get the scoop on those here.

After that, though, he is going to stay in the area for at least another day and campaign for Hoffman on his own. In the words of a source close to Armey, he'll be "going rogue". This is a big deal. Armey is a widely-respected conservative who not only respects the grassroots but helped give the 9/12 Tea Parties a huge boost with his organization. He's laying down his personal marker on Hoffman and you can bet that he wouldn't do that if he didn't see quite a lot to like in the first-time candidate.

Okay, enough suspense. Stacy informed me earlier this evening that Doug Hoffman will hold a press conference in the media hub of the region, Syracuse, where he will endorse the flat tax. That may not necessarily seem like a big deal but consider what I wrote earlier. Hoffman makes a good part of his living off of navigating the byzantine tax code for people who are overwhelmed by it. A flat tax will cost him business, since you'll be able to figure out your taxes each year on the back of a postcard. Doug Hoffman is willing to work against his own financial interest to push something that's in our best interests. When was the last time a politician did that?


  1. Jimmie,

    Did the Washington Other McCainskins take away offensive play calling responsibilities from Robert Stacy McZorn and give them to Sherman Bise or something?

  2. He should endorse the FAIR tax, which is biased against consumption and the debt required to consume.

    And since NEITHER of them will ever get through Congress, ever, it's a stunt, not a real do-able deal.

  3. Sounds like he's boasting about his lib-con credentials. A bad move in an election where the smart policy is to campaign to the center. Of course if this is a Republican district, then it's likely got a lot of people being highly taxed. Maybe he's going for the high contributors?

  4. The "Fair" Tax is a) a big-government welfare scam, and b) an economy-killer.

    Flat tax, not too bad ... but it seems silly to waste time on restructuring taxes when the goal should be to LOWER them.

  5. Jimmie - Doug has been advocating for a flat tax system for almost as long as he's been out on the campaign trail. For example, here's a video of him saying it last week.

  6. Kn@ppster: I went to your site to see what facts you had to back up your statements, but I don't stay on sites where I have to play whack-a-pop-up.

    If you object to the prebate, I sympathize, but it's the only way to get the looter class to stop screaming about starving children. (I wonder when they'll make those objections about a VAT...but I digress.)

    I have no idea why you think the Fair Tax would be an economy-killer. Tax havens generally *attract* capital, and therefore, jobs.

    The Flat Tax isn't a bad idea, but we tried a weak version of it in the 80's, and within 20 years we were in the same mess as before. Killing the 16th Amendment is the only way to get the Feds out of every part of our lives.