Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Fox News

Why is Geraldo Rivera on your network talking immigration? I'm sitting here watching Rivera hector and naysay Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and it's not good TV.

OK, I disagree with Rivera's shameless advocacy of open borders, but that's not really the problem. Watching him harangue guests is neither entertaining nor informative. Earlier, he was haranguing Ann Coulter. I'm thinking most Fox viewers would rather watch Coulter harangue Rivera.

If you want to have Rivera on Fox as a reporter -- e.g., standing by the Gulf Coast in a raincoat, blown by the winds, reporting on an approaching hurricane -- that's fine. And I guess he's as good as Greta Van Susteren at doing feature segments on that long-running Fox News series, The Case of the Missing Blonde Girl.

But letting Geraldo do a half-hour on immigration, where he's recycling La Raza talking points? Not good TV.


  1. From a C4P commentator

    Uffda OT/
    Sorry guys, but my blood's boiling: I have never been so close to hating anybody's guts in my life. Levi is apparently working on a book about the Palins (oh, that oughtta be a page-turner) hoping to cash in on their fame. The idiot can't do anything on his own. He has to trash the Palins to get any kind of real press. And the media is worse. They practically salivate over this disgrace.

    Article in Gawker:

    "There's a whole lot of material he hasn't talked about because he wanted to protect the family," Jones says. But since the Palin's have been talking trash about him, Levi isn't keeping quiet anymore. "The gloves are off, everything is going to come out."

    BOLD: Did I miss something?

    Isn't the hardest part of winning libel suits proving malice and the intent to cause harm? The phrase "the gloves are off" sure makes it seem like this "book" is intended to cause harm.

  2. Geraldo, on any topic, is too much for me to bear, after his "Spitting on Michelle Malkin" outburst on O'Rielly.

    Enough already, Fox!

  3. Do you know anything about the child custody laws in Alaska, RSM? It's obvious that ricky douchenozzle is using his "son" as a weapon to make money, and damage Bristol and her family in the process. I'm pretty sure that there are laws against things like that. The welfare of the child comes first, and I don't see how letting a stupid "dad" prostitute himself at the expense of his child's future is going to benefit said child.

    If ricky manages to make it to age thirty, do you think he's going to get hit with that sudden sense of realisation and notice that he ruined any chance of having a real relationship with his son just to be the lefts political toy bitch of the month? Just look at Cindy Whatshername sleeping outside GWB's house in a tent.

    How does that saying go? "Any boy can make a kid, but it takes a real man to be a father."

  4. Um...did you expect something different then pro-immigration blather from a neo-con network like Fox?

    Paul Gottfried had a great short piece on Fox today at Taki's. To hell with them.

  5. I agree with you on Geraldo. I also watched it and his questions take an hour and the guest gets a five second response. Joe Arpaio didn't get to explain his position or what he is doing. You got no information except all of Rivera's talking points that Joe is controversial and everyone hates him especially Mexicans. Why Geraldo doesn't understand that 'innocent' Mexicans would not be 'targets' if we had control over illegal immigration. We have the immigration problem because of apologists like Geraldo Rivera. I loved it when Ann had to give him the smackdown because he only gave her 10 seconds for a response.

  6. Stacy, weren't we just complaining that the other networks were echo chambers for the Administration's positions, and reviling the way the other nets all have the same talking points?

    I'm not a big fan of Geraldo, but your point here seems to be "howcome Fox is letting a Liberal on?"

    I won't go so far as to use the H-word, but this does seem a bit inconsistent.

  7. Rivera is Fox's attempt to innoculate themselves from attacks as a Rightwing, Republican network. (IE Fox's Scarborough/Carlson) How's that working out?

  8. Sorry but Rivera is a no-go zone for me. I just can't make myself watch him for more than five minutes. The thing about him is that he is so dismissive of the victims of crimes committed by illegals. Sickening.

  9. Fox's what happen to the fair and balance, watch your ace Player Geraldo Rivera ambush sheriff Joe Arpaio What A piece OF work their should be a change of name Geraldo On the Attack where I attack the guess on my show with out doing any fact finding I open my mouth and engage to take them down and not let them return conment such as Ann Coulter.