Thursday, October 22, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Armey endorses Hoffman,
"The Republican candidate can't win."

Guest-post by Jimmie Bise of The Sundries Shack.

Here is Stacy's report from Watertown, NY where FreedomWorks' Dick Armey endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress. Both Hoffman and Armey had a few other things to say about Dede Sozzafava and the grassroots supporters who have given wings to the campaign.
"The Republican candidate can't win," Armey declared, saying that Gingrich "made the wrong choice" in backing Scozzafava, a New York state assemblywoman whose record puts her to the left of most Democrats here in this largely rural district, where Republican Rep. John McHugh routinely won re-election with 2-to-1 margins.
Hoffman will appear this afternoon on the popular Glenn Beck television program and, according to sources with the campaign, has seen his fundraising take off in recent days. He reportedly raised $30,000 online Tuesday, was effectively endorsed by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday and today received the endorsement of Ohio's Ken Blackwell, a nationally recognized conservative leader.
Click over to the AmSpecBlog and read the whole thing.

Jim Geraghty also dropped an interesting tidbit this morning.

But somebody who seems to be in a position to know what's coming down the pike...tells me that he's hearing Sarah Palin will publicly endorse
Conservative Doug Hoffman...

Who better to follow up on that tantalizing rumor than someone who is up there in the middle of the Hoffman campaign right now?

Expect more exclusive reporting...

UPDATE: Amanda Carpenter has more from Armey and Hoffman and a particularly clueless response from the NRCC.
When asked for comment about the blogger revolt, NRCC spokesman Paul Lindsey stood by his candidate as the only one who could win. “We will continue to remind central and northern New Yorkers that a vote for Doug Hoffman or Bill Owens is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her far left, radical agendam [sic]" he said in an email.

I'm sorry, which candidate is closest to ACORN and has the endorsement of the largest left-wing blog in the world? I have a hard time remembering...

(Edited to correct NRSC to NRCC. Thanks to Adam for that tip.)