Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Yes, Madame Speaker, We're As Serious as Lung Cancer

by Smitty

CNSNews follows up the Steny Hoyer with an equally lively bit about the Wicked Witch of the West: "Madam Speaker, where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?"
Pelosi: "Are you serious? Are you serious?" "Yes, yes I am."

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

There was a time when political leaders understood the Constitution, and their oath to protect it. Those leaders worked on laws which fell within the scope of that document.

Your atrocious Congress, Madame Speaker, seems to understand "Constitutional" to be whatever befits your whims, emerges from the printer, garners the magic squiggle from the meat puppet at the other end of the Mall, and receives no legal challenge at the SCOTUS.

Please do us all a favor. Do not pass any more than the minimally required legislation, do not run for re-election, and do not waste any more public time. Instead, retire and work on your memoir, which I promise not to read.




  1. Smitty,
    Thanks for posting this. Heh - evidence of more spinal vertebrae growing in the media. Something like that. BTW, Friday round-up has you guys linked. Gotta run. Great week-end.


    P.S. Got Squish? Just avoid the blue pill...

  2. This would be great if the proposals were actually unconstitutional. Several constitutional law scholars have all reached the same conclusion -- that the proposals are constitutional.

    Query: Where does the Constitution mention marriage, prayer in schools, schools, a right against affirmative action, rights for an unborn child, parental rights, or the Air Force?

  3. @DLH,
    Your query points at the significant challenge involved in determining at what level of government specific challenges should be addressed.

    If you subscribe to the Progressive concepts that have produced nearly unimaginable debt, then you probably perceive Princess Pelosi's performance pure perfection.

    The Air Force, for example, is a fine distraction--if you don't like the National Security act of 1947, rename it the Army Air Force.

    If you perceive the natural concept of 50 States delegating the smallest amount of power necessary to manage a Federal government, then the abysmal performance of the likes of Pelosi, Murtha, Hoyer, and my local piece of work, Moran, are nearly enough to trigger projectile vomiting.

  4. Regarding Nancy Pelosi's remarks: Ah, the sound of the terminally self-important and conceited clown: its like an ice pick to the brain. One has to wonder if some of the gallons of botox that she's been injected with have migrated to her brain...naw, you don't have to wonder: it has. To slightly alter what I wrote yesterday: 'Representative' Pelosi's attitude is shared by most of the Congress and by this Administration. They must be stopped. They will not cease on their own [too committed are they to their unrealistic bromides and unreasoned ideas], so it is up to us to rid ourselves of their plague. For that is what they are: a deadly cancerous virus on the American Soul.

    More with pictures over at The Camp Of The Saints.

  5. Where does the Constitution mention marriage, prayer in schools, schools, a right against affirmative action, rights for an unborn child, parental rights, or the Air Force?

    Dear 2-year-old:

    Marriage and all educational matters are not mentioned because they are NOT FEDERAL CONCERNS; those are "reserved to the States."

    The Right to Life (mentioned in the Declaration) is NOT granted by the Government; it is granted by God. Above even the ObamaLord's paygrade.

    Parental rights PRECEDE all Governmental rights, as anyone with the IQ of a chipmunk knows. Now maybe you, too, know that.

    The Con'stn specifically requires a Department of War and authorizes suchlike. Air Force makes good war!!

    Now get your diaper changed.

  6. I give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt and interpret her "Are you serious?" answer as her sincere disbelief that anyone might think she gives a rat's patootie about constitutional limitations when formulating her policies.

    "Constitution? We don't need no stinkin' Constitution!"