Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Government-funded expert warns of 'resurgence in right-wing extremism'

"We are in the middle of a resurgence in right-wing extremist criminal activity that really started following Ruby Ridge and Waco," said Mark Pitcavage, director of the Ohio-based SLATT (State/Local Anti-Terrorism Training) Program. The program, for law enforcement agencies, is conducted in conjunction with the U.S. Justice Department and the non-profit Institute for Intergovernmental Relations.
"It shows no sign of letting up at this point," said Pitcavage, who earned a doctorate from Ohio State University as one of the few expert scholars in right-wing extremism.
-- Seattle Post Intelligencer, Aug. 12, 1999

Oh, the dangerous right-wing menace, about which the federally-funded Dr. Pitcavage warned us 10 years ago -- which happened to be two years before Mohamed Atta and friends struck on Sept. 11, 2001.

Janet Reno's "anti-terrorism" effort was misdirected at the wrong threat. Thought about that lately?

Neither had I, until last night. It's a long story, as I've said many times before.


  1. George Stephanopoulos, was also a guest this morning, on Imus In The
    Morning, he must have run the White House gauntlet, and concertina wire. He appeared this morning with Imus, on Fox Business News, and Octomom’s indecent proposal to Jon Gosselin.

    Seal Hunter is back blogging. Octomom really lit,. Hunts with Club’s fuse GRIN.


  2. The article was misleading. It mentions Richard Butler and never makes it clear the guy is dead. It also makes it sound like Mr. Butler's "compound" in Hayden Lake, which is literaly spitting distance from my home, is alive and well, which it is not.

    During it's glory years, it was never more than 10 or so skinheads running around in the woods acting stupid.

    I researched the group before we moved here over 20 years ago because the MSM made it seem like there was hundreds upon hundreds of dangeroues wackoes running loose in the streets.

    I actually prefer to keep that image alive as it means fewer people will move here to further the destruction of our area and way of life.

  3. ...and don't even get me started on Ruby Ridge (just a bit further than spitting distance)

    It was a horror and a nightmare perpetrated on a citizen by the government. It could, and probably will, happen again

  4. OK - stupid me. I didn't read the date on the article, but all the other stuff I said was, as usual, dead on. heh

  5. Every time the Donks get into power they start screeching about Right Wing Violent Extremism. During JFK?LBJ it was The Minutemen and the John Birch Society. During Carter they wanted to talk about violent right wingers but everyone was, instead, talking about the economy going into the toilet. During Clinton they talked about Ruby ridge and Waco, both prime examples of idiotic government aggression, and of course OKC. Of course there is no evidence that the two bombers were particularly conservative, just that they were somewhat hacked that the government could kill a whole passel of men, women and children when there was no evidence that the Branch Davidians fired first and every evidence that the ATF did. Evidence like the ATF admitted shooting the dogs as they were making their approach. As an aside, shoot my dog and deal with two barrels worth of buckshot and I don't care what kind of pretty clothes you're wearing.

    But, anyway, it's always the same, Democrats in power equals a big scare about violent right wingers. Just a hint, if we were that violent, the Donks would have been dead a long time ago, seein' as how we have all the guns.