Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VIDEO: Jeri Thompson talks about NY23 and Hoffman on Neal Cavuto show



  1. Neil has it backwards. the washington GOP elites would rather give the seat toa democrate then embrace the conservative canidate. that 29% of the vote for Dede would more than likely flow to hoffman if she dropped out. The washington elite would rather a dem win the seat than have to lose power to conservative

  2. Anonymous,

    Well said, well said. How is it possible that the RNC elites can do this in NY-23? Historically Republican and enough Conservative to win. If they backed a true conservative from the beginning, he wins! And if they did not support the RINO, she easily is out most likely, tipping the votes to Hoffman.

    Are these idiots that blind? What is going on in the Republica party?

    It is outrageous and I am fed up with the hypocricy. How Dare Newt come on TV with Sean Hannity and blah, blah, blah about liberals and God, when he just endored a liberal RINO?

    Geeeh! Arrrggghhh! Stop it RNC!

    Heck, I'm an Independent!