Monday, October 19, 2009

NY23: Another Hoffman Miracle!

First, he got $40 out of the World's Cheapest Conservative, and now Conservative Party candidate achieves the impossible again. Hot Air world exclusive:
Not surprisingly, the CFG ad invokes the specter of Madam Speaker as a chief reason not to vote for Scozzafava. King’s not blowing smoke, though: As noted in Saturday’s post, Scozzafava led until Hoffman started surging, and now the Democrat’s up by a few points as GOP voters split between the two of them. Exit question via Stacy McCain: Why hasn’t Sarahcuda endorsed Hoffman yet? Doing so would irritate and potentially alienate the national leadership, but if she’s serious about fashioning herself as the “true conservative” outsider, here’s a golden opportunity. Maybe she figures it’s too much of a gamble for too little gain? If she shows up to stump for Hoffman and he loses, it’s a blow to her prestige. She’s probably just playing it safe.
That's right: ALLAHPUNDIT LINKED ME! Brothers and sisters, this is a sign!

Long months of uninterrupted non-linkage (Allah Hates Me, Because I Suck) have been ended in one fell swoop by the miraculous power of Hoffmania.

Clearly, this man is destined for victory, and I'm going to New York to cover this historic election! Hit my tip jar, people, and start spreading the news . . .

Yeah, I know, it's upstate New York, but it's the thought that counts. Hit the freaking tip jar!



  1. It's the gay twang twang in the voice thing man... has to be. He's all alpha male and stuff.


  2. Allah linked you because Hot Air is a now a denounced "racist" site in the Little Green Footballs cabal, so there is no point not linking a smaller target of Charles Johnson's wrath. CJ is happy to lob his racist allegation missiles at Hot Air, Ace and Protein Wisdom.

  3. See, RSM? All you have to do is join TRUE conservatives who can win like Romney and Hoffman in the fight against crazy hypocritical multiple time losers like Palin, Paul, Scozzafava, and Huckabee. Fight with us against the faux-cons and liberals and I'm sure you'll find a lot of success.

    The next step is to get rid of that barbie doll's coloring book amazon ad and get a No Apology: The Case for American Greatness by Mitt Romney ad. Mitt's book will no doubt become THE true conservative manifesto that we've all been waiting for. What's more important Sayruh Paylun's ideas on fish or Mitt's ideas on how to fix the economy and get America working again?

    Hoffman '09 and Romney '12 baby!

  4. RSM,
    You don't need Allah linky love. That guy sucks. I don't know why HA keeps him around.

  5. Romney? Conservative? Seriously?

    If you met him on the street and asked Mitt romney how he was doing, he'd have to call you later that afternoon after he checked the latest poll.

    It is a glorious day, Stacy!

  6. How do you know Palin hasn't been mulling whether to step in? She's a natural ally of Armey and the Club for Growth, and she's probably aware of NY-23.

    Maybe Hoffman asked her to keep quiet. Palin showing up would guarantee a MOUND of donations... to the other two candidates. I can see the ads now - "Stop Palin from installing her sock puppet in the House."

    If Hoffman hasn't muzzled Palin, there is one thing Palin can do. She can tell her advisors to put about, noncommittally, that she's watching the race. The Hoffman campaign can then decide to what degree they want Palin's involvement.