Monday, October 19, 2009

VIDEO: Club for Growth Ad Calls Hoffman 'Common Sense Choice' in NY23

New TV ad airing in the three-way Nov. 3 special election:

(Via Memeorandum.) Dude, this is brutal!
"Tired of choosing between two liberals for Congress? There is a better choice. . . . Hoffman opposes government-run health care. He knows jobs are created by lower taxes and less spending, not bigger government. Doug Hoffman: The common sense choice to stand up to the Pelosi Congress."
Oh, that's gonna leave a mark on that worthless RINO, Dede Scozzafava. Remember, this is Club for Growth PAC, not the Hoffman campaign. Doug Hoffman still needs your help!

UPDATE: More news on the crucial special election in upstate New York from The Hill:
[T]he NRCC has spent $567,000 on Scozzafava's behalf, and the DCCC has spent $387,000 on Owens's behalf.
Also in recent days, SEIU has gone up with a $100,000 radio ad buy for Owens -- its first investment in the race.
NRCC spending Republican money on RINO Dede, the DCCC and SEIU spending money on Democrat Owens, what are you spending your money on?
Memo to the Grassroots:
Stop Asking What You Can Do,
and Start Doing What You Can
UPDATE II: My old buddy Brian Faughnan calls attention to a story about how RINO Dede is trying to hide her record from voters. The Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times:
one of her biggest campaign contributors during her decade in the state Assembly -- the organization of gay and lesbian Republicans called the Log Cabin Republicans -- is notably absent from her press releases, despite the group's enthusiastic support for her to fill the congressional seat vacated by former Rep. John M. McHugh, R-Pierrepont Manor.
That Ms. Scozzafava would not highlight her alliance with gay rights advocates is no surprise, given the conservative backlash she has faced in the three-way race and the campaign cash she needs from national Republican sources. Her spokesman, Matthew A. Burns, replied with just five words when asked to elaborate on her views about gay marriage: "Her position is well documented."
Translation: she voted twice in the Assembly to allow gay marriage, in 2007 and this year.
Classic RINO move: Dede Scozzafava is ashamed of being in favor of gay marriage! Wonder what proud conservative lesbian Cynthia Yockey will have to say about that?

Thanks Brian for this news tip, and I hope everybody who's following me on Twitter will also follow Brian Faughnan -- he's my kind of conservative!

UPDATE III: Dick Armey confirms to Red State that he will campaign this week for Hoffman in NY23.

I had reported this news from the Hoffman campaign Friday, but when Dick Armey wants to confirm this, he doesn't call me, he calls Red State, and I don't even get credit for being first to report it. Why? Blame Erik Telford! (One of these days, I'm going to have to explain that joke. But no time now. Why don't I have time to explain? Blame Erik Telford -- everything is his fault!)


  1. OT: Sarah Palin is coming to Milwaukee, WI, for a Wisconsin Right to Life event.

    Just thought you might be interested to know. The event was announced about an hour ago and already the buzz is phenomenal.

  2. AP finally linked to you, Stacy!

    All you have to do is paint the moose barbiedoll in a ugly light to get a link. Romney 12!

  3. Two or three weeks ago, i got a telemarketer call from the NRCCC begging for money. WOW am I glad I blew them off.

    Looks like any money I might send to the Republican party should go instead to movement conservatives or individual Tea Party candidates.