Monday, October 19, 2009

Rule 5 Special: ZZ Tops Oba Mao

by Smitty

Michelle Malkin has a clip of some Beijing shop hawking Oba Mao t-shirts.

The concept of a girl in a t-shirt is nothing new. It has been thoroughly explored by noted Rule 5 experts, facial hair cultivators, and old-school American badasses ZZ Top. Here is a brace of "Girl in a T-Shirt" clips for your consideration:

Because you just can't get too much overkill:

Sorry, Michelle. It's my duty.

Update: Rule 5 Sunday would like to extend a mea boob-boo to The Daley Gator, whose Rule 5 Sunday submission, while not exactly a girl in a t-shirt, still merits your attention.

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  1. What is this? Why was I caught in a daze? How much time has gone by? Is this some kind of hypnotic/subliminal messaging program? Why do I suddenly want to give money to a guy named Hoffman?

    Between you, me and the lamp post, I'd change the message to Stacy McCain. This is powerful stuff. I must go to Hoffman website.