Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN Now Developing Anti-Fraud Program Called 'Know Your Ho'

UPDATE 9/18: Fired ACORN Baltimore workers to sue; PLUS: Hannah Giles Bikini Update.

BUMPED 6:45 PM ET: Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN; more updates below!

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PREVIOUSLY (11:54 a.m.): A surge of Google-search hits informs me that lots of people are trying to find photos of Hannah Giles who specializes in exposing fraud at ACORN by posing as a teenage hooker named "Kenya." Because I posted a photo of Hannah at this summer's YAF conference, I'm getting a lot of that traffic.

ACORN staffers are probably trying to find a photo of Hannah and will soon be putting up posters in their offices to make sure Miss Giles does not fool them again. I wanted to do my part for "community organizing," so . . .

UPDATE: The commenters asking me for Hannah Giles bikini photos have, besides giving me cause to grab that Google bomb, reminded me to send a congratulatory note to my Facebook friend Doug Giles, Hannah's father. Hannah and my oldest daughter are the same age, so I know how proud he must be of Hannah's work -- the Census Bureau just severed ties with ACORN -- and also suspect he's just a wee bit uncomfortable about her sudden fame.

As for the bikini pics, I know they exist because I've seen them on Facebook. One of my friends vacationed with the Giles family in Florida, posting photos. I'll look for them, but I warn you: Doug Giles will kill any commenter who says anything untoward about his girl.

UPDATE II: Well, I still haven't found those bikini pics, but I think my conservative friends will appreciate this next photo. First of all, both of Doug's daughters are martial-arts black belts. Yes, I said both daughters, because here is a photo of Doug with Hannah's younger sister, giving you an idea of what the Giles family does for fun:

See that wild hog? Guess who shot it? The girl. Doug informs us that Hannah's little sister killed "a big boar 225lbs, with 3-inch teeth, that she shot on a dead run at 40yds."

And you know what? I'm thinking maybe you guys should just forget about the bikini pictures, eh? Anybody want to argue otherwise? Argue respectfully.

UPDATE III: The requested photos have been located. I'm thinking that posting the photos -- which might incur the righteous wrath of the well-armed Doug Giles -- would require as a minimal condition the following three agreements:
  • This post must be linked by all my blogger buddies;
  • There must be solemn vows of respect and decorum in the comments, as Miss Giles is a devout Christian young lady; and
  • Something else . . . I forgot.
What could it be?

UPDATE IV: Just did a phone interview with Doug Giles.


  1. Kenya, huh? Got birth certificate?

  2. I'm searching for a picture of Hannah Giles because she is HOT!! Her video in those whore outfits alone will make be a loyal Republican for life! Fo-shor!

  3. Hey Stacy,
    you gotta pull those YAF pics off your site. Hannah Giles' had her cover blown in the line of duty, but those other young ladies are still "assets in the field" and we don't want our next operation compromised.

  4. DanO is absolutely correct. We have to act fast. We've got to get those gals to a safe house pronto. While I haven't had a chance to speak to Mrs. B. yet, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if they were hidden here at Bob Bel's Lounge and Tiki Bar.

  5. Dear Robert;

    Thank you for posting a picture of enemy of the people Hannah, it's greatly appreaciated.

    But, considering the unreliability of human memory, we are going to need more pictures of her, at least once a week.


    Commissar Diaz

  6. Beauty, brains, and sand in the same package.
    Apparently, she's a credit to good upbringing on the part of (at least) her father, Doug Giles.

  7. Yes, we need more pics of her, preferably in a bikini. :)

  8. What a great, and great looking, family (including dad!) Nice shooting.

  9. A safe house, Bob?

    Let me call some folks I recently learned about with ACORN. They're good at setting up things like that!

  10. As my uncle always says, "The family that slays together, stays together!"

    You betcha!


  11. Be still my beating heart! A hot young woman who not only brings home the bacon, but kills it to boot?

    What's not to like?

  12. Hahahahahahah! I really like the "donate" part. You've got teh funny, Mr. McCain. I think I might just have to do that, irrespective of whether the promised bikini pics show. RS McCain: Funny for money! (And worth every penny)

  13. I totally respect you for not posting "bikini" Pics of Hannah, yes she is very pretty but she didn't do this to get every guy panting over her! The story she wants to get out is very serious and shouldn't be belittled in that way! If you want those kinds of pictures than I suggest you go get a job at Acorn! I think she is an amazing women and has a GREAT future ahead of her! WTG Hannah!

  14. If I were her I would be concerned for her safety now that this is out. We are after all talking about a ton of money that this corrupt organization could lose. There will likely be some pissed off people. And yes, she is very hot!

  15. Okay, I'm a random internet person, and I donated to see the pictures -- do it for liberty.

  16. Score one for the good guys! Those ACORN idiots are so stupid! Hannah looks to clean cut to be a real whore! Should have been a dead give away to the ACORN idiots.

  17. Go Hanna. I met her while she was dating one of my friends last year at FIU. Wish we could have hung out more but we were both way too wasted. She's is doing a great job and service for our country! God Bless.

  18. No doubt Hannah & her family will be proud of the sexy pictures of her accepting her Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the fraud, waste, and abuse in Obama's Porkulus Bill.

    Meanwhile, I have loved every post with Hannah's picture in them. I love picture books. But of course I love to read.

    And pictures say a thousand words. Tell the Giles family that we love them and admire them.

    And tell them we thank them.

    I say that Hannah releases the spicey bikini photos when America's most powerful publice servant agrees to a basic background check...

    As a "two-fer" release Hannah's birth certificat just as soon as Obama releases his bikini photos with his birth certificate.

    What do ya say?

    Tom Rowan
    Naples, Florida

  19. DirtyDingus McGeeSun Sep 20, 02:14:00 PM

    Tom Rowan from Naples Florida = Conspiratard numbnuts idiotic "birther" loser. Although you are from florida so everything I wrote IS redundant!

    HAHA I'm DirtyDingus McGee the dirtiest sumbitch you will ever see!!

  20. Mighty impressive all the way around. I want O'Keefe properly respected and taken care of too.

    Doug Giles is a righteous guy and his daughters are a great credit to their family. As an art teacher in corrupted, dysfunctional Cal Ed, I'm proud of Hannah and her gun-totin' sister's freedom, as in "We The People" and "America, Land of The Free, Home of The Brave!"

  21. One thing, I call BULLSH!T on Mr. Giles and his daughter. The gun she is holding is a double barrel side-by-side shotgun, that wouldn't take down a hog at 40 yards in a millions years. She has the shells on her belt also. Now way that thing went down with simple buckshot and that gun isn't made for a deer slug. Doug and his girls should check this stuff out before they doctor photos.

  22. Doug Giles is insane, as is anyone who thinks this donkey is "righteous".

  23. To "anonymous" that just posted two posts above me: If you don't know anything about guns, just don't say anything. If you look, the shells in the holder she has on her waist are brass, not plastic and way too thin to be shotgun shells. Besides, you wouldn't hunt a boar with a shotgun. Go ahead and google "double barrel rifle". She looks like thats exactly what she has. Double barreled rifles are very nice and handmade and have been used for dangerous game hunting for over 100 years and are still used today. So it just means she took that boar down with a really classy dangerous game gun.

  24. she's a whore and a loser, the hole family is.

  25. To the idiot above, double barrelled rifles are ONLY used for BIG game, such as Elephant, Hippo, Cape Buffalo, etc. They aren't used on small prey like a boar. They are liars.