Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shocker! South Carolinian is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans!

Crooks and Liars is shocked -- shocked! -- to discover that these people like Joe Wilson haven't been exterminated yet.

When I spoke at the SCV camp in Rome, Ga., in June, they paid my travel and also paid my membership dues . . .

The SCV is a hereditary association, the only requirement of which is that you have an ancestor served honorably in the Confederate military. My great-grandfather, Winston Wood Bolt, was an illiterate farmboy who served as a private in the 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment.

Private Bolt was captured July 1, 1863, in the opening clash of the Battle of Gettysburg -- when the right flank of Brig. Gen. J.J. Archer's brigade was turned by the Union's famous Iron Brigade -- and he spent the next two years in the Fort Delaware prisoner of war camp.

Exactly why Neiwert is employing eliminationist rhetoric against Southerners, I don't know . . .


  1. Your great-grandfather called my great-grandfather the N-word. You owe me half your stuff due to the emotional abuse casued by the McCain families generational racism.

    When would you like the trucks to pull up, cracker?

  2. I am a life member of Sons of Confederate Veterans and frankly, I'm tired of A-holes trying to impute either racism or extremism to membership in that organization. It's a historical organization and even has black members (yes, blacks did fight for the South).

    I am also sick of idiots doing the same thing with the Confederate flag. I suppose it all gets back to the great Northern Myth, that the North fought the South to make it end slavery, because the North was so good-hearted, self-sacrificing and racially enlightened. Even Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin regularly propagate such drivel.

    The North fought the South to violently force it to return to a political union it no longer desired, and so they would not lose 80% of their taxes from high tariffs on foreign goods, mostly paid by the South. The North did not give one hoot in hell about the slaves. In fact, some Northern states also had slaves, as well as some Union generals.

    My great-grandfather was a teenager who served with the 4th Alabama Cavalry. He was captured two weeks before Lee surrendered and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio as a POW.

  3. Neiwert has had a hard-on for Southerners ever since I remember seeing his crap. The worst epithet he can think of is to call someone a "neo-Confederate"; too bad he hasn't figured out yet that the term has all the cutting effect of a soggy wad of cotton candy.

  4. I am a Southerner, but my ancestor left North Carolina and walked (he didn't own a horse) to Ohio and joined a Union artillery regiment. Fought at the Battle of Shiloh.

    He wasn't the only one. Greeneville, Tennessee has the only courthouse lawn statue in the South that's dedicated to local men who fought for the Union. (There's a smaller Confederate memorial, and one for Confederate Gen. Morgan, who was killed nearby.)

    I always like to bring that up when talk of reparations arises.

  5. So your great-grandfather was a traitor and you're proud of his treason. Sic semper wingnuttis.

  6. "Anonymous" is another word for "coward."

    Secession isn't treason, moron. That fact is a major reason why the North didn't try Jefferson Davis or other Confederate officials for that. They knew they would lose.

    As far as "traitors" go, I guess you could say the same of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Yes, by your definition they were traitors and we are pretty proud of their "treason."

    Sic semper liberal-idiotitus

  7. "The North fought the South to violently force it to return to a political union it no longer desired" "The North did not give one hoot in hell about the slaves. In fact, some Northern states also had slaves, as well as some Union generals."

    IMHO 100% correct, Stogie. However, given the Southern States own stated reasons to secede, every state other than South Carolina used the support of the practice of slavery as the reason.

    Though SC had discussed seceding for years for various issues, including the tariff one you mention, South Carolina did not "pull the trigger" on secession until it had other States planning to secede with it. This includes not seceding in the face of Andrew Jacksons heavily targeted taxation decades earlier. This is a strong case for slavery to be at least an INDIRECT major cause of secession for SC and a DIRECT major cause for the secession of the South as a whole.