Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Rick Moran Pragmatism Brigade

Heed the rallying cry! To the barricades, comrades!
Movement Conservatives vs.
The Pragmatists: The Battle is Joined
There can be no compromise in this epic death-struggle over the Destiny of the Cause! Those who are not 100% Pragmatist are the enemy! Only by courageous deeds of fanatical heroism can the victory of Pragmatism be won!

Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people!

Go with the seven-headed cobra logo, Rick. Nothing says "pragmatism" quite like a seven-headed cobra.


  1. So…are we all “revanchists” now?

    (Glenn Beck seems a populist, much like Sarah Palin is a populist. Of course “pragmatists” and liberals both have their reasons to hate ‘em. But whatever gets the job done works for me. That job being stopping the far-left Obama Express from it’s goals of undefined but all-too-familiar-seeming CHANGE.)

  2. Ok, now I'm confused. Am I a Trotskite deviationist, a Menshevik, or a left Bolshevik? Or (gad!) a kulak?

  3. Because nothing says pragmatic like putting up with the liberals, leftists, and progressives, maybe even going along with them at times.

    Heaven forfend they acknowledge any legitimacy to their right.

  4. @Paco,
    Your essential sin is the disconnection between your lips and Moran's fundament. Bad Paco: bad.

  5. Moran read his book but he didn't read my post on old Sam on the 28th of August titled "Oh Goody another book on conservatism by a liberal".

    If he did he would know that the old Sam, the SENIOR editor of the New York Times book review that is so interested in conservatism that he hasn't gotten around to either reviewing or having someone review, Michelle Malkin's Culture of corruption...

    ...or Levin's Liberty and Tyranny

    ...or Beck's Common Sense

    ...or Dick Morris' Catastrophe

    All of whom are in the top 10 on the NYT best seller list and in the top 50 at Amazon.

    Maybe if the Senior editor at the NYT book review managed to arrange to have conservative books ya know REVIEWED then I might find his perspectives worth my time, till then I'll pass.

    Question for Rick and co. Have you read or reviewed any of the above listed books?

  6. More of Moran riding his hobby-horse.

    Moran wants a "purge" - - it's just that he LIKES his purge, so it's never going to be called that.

    IMO "dismissive" is the way to deal with the "birther" argument (funny we have one going on both sides of the aisle) - there's too much more at stake to get distracted by such foolishness. "Dismissive" doesn't require naming names and calling people out - for example, Sullivan gets way too much attention (narcissist personality disorder, imo).

    Moran's not capable of an honest debate with someone who disagrees with him. Eventually, his temper comes to the fore & the bad faith argumentation / name-calling begins.

  7. Infighting and condemnations inside of a political movement are a sign that something is happening and that people are passionate. If the movement is powerful enough, the mamby pambys get knocked off the fence on one side or the other. That's happening now and I think it's a good thing.

    Just as long as we don't start calling each other "comrade" or "citizen".

  8. Smitty: That there's a twain that damn well ain't ne'er gonna meet.

  9. Rick is a good man. I don't always agree with everything he says, but there is no reason to skewer somebody that is your friend (and yes, Stacy, he considers you his friend), simply because he says something you find disagreeable. He is thoughtful, conservative, and sometimes wrong. Aren't we all like that (wrong sometimes)?

  10. @Lionheart,
    I'd like to hear Rick Moran explain what, if anything, Federalism actually means to him.

    Across his postings, he seems to be from a National Greatness Conservativism school that, IMO, is nothing more than a predicate for eventual tyranny.

  11. Smittie, I won't try to defend Rick (he can do that himself). I personally think he is wrong on torture, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and probably the 10th amendment (I haven't read into his posts the NGC school that you refer to). My only point is that we don't all have to be in lock-step... we'll disagree on some issues. He's a friend to conservatism. There are a lot of bloggers that Stacy could pick a fight with that are more deserving of fisking than Moran.

  12. @Lionheart,
    Sure. I've had some minor dust-ups myself with the gentleman, and Jazz Shaw, over the whole "Death Panel" business. Called Rick Moran a "blowhard".

    I submit that we can, in a gentlemanly way, quibble about the overlap portion of the Venn Diagram of "conservativism" in a way that polishes the ideas without leaving lingering resentments.

    We're all students in a real-time seminar taught in the School of Hard Knocks, studying together for an exam that we cannot, shall not fail.

  13. Pragmatists brought us many, many things. Mostly evil.

    We need conservatives that are just as tough and just as willing to fight as the scumbag Democrats. But what to fight for? Tepid moderation? That worked well for conservatives who used pragmatism as their guide in the primaries, giving us a flaccid "maverick" who despised the base.

  14. Paco: Didn't you get the ukaz? We are all kulaks now.

    PW: jarsoc. But of course.

  15. So... the secret of success for a revitalized conservatism is to offer a little bit of what the left offers a lot of?

    You know, that five and dime used to be next door to the WalMart tried the same strategy...

  16. F Moran. Just try to have a civil disagreement with that angry blowhard. Most of his posts criticize fellow conservatives. To my thinking, that makes him NOT a fellow conservative. But I am just a simple idiot. What do I know?

  17. Cdor: Apparently more than Rick Moran.