Thursday, September 10, 2009

SEIU boss in a Mercedes-Benz

Christmas Ghost has the story and photos of the Benz-driving union goon who was organizing "grassroots" support for ObamaCare at a recent protest event.

Nothing says blue-collar authenticity like a Benz.


  1. Hey, thanks so much for the link!

  2. lol...what happened to the buy American rhetoric that we always hear these Union fat cats espousing?

  3. My family used to own a truckline, way back when. We were southern and non-union, but that didn't stop the Teamsters making the effort from time to time, bless their little black hearts.
    We had a terminal, in Florida I think, where there seemed to be a pretty serious organizing effort going on, and my dad went down to see the situation.
    When he arrived, he saw a brand new gold Caddilac parked outside, and he went in to say hello and ask who had bought the sweet new ride.
    Turns out the union organizer was there at the time, but everyone dropped everything to go out and check out the Caddy.
    The car belonged to the union organizer!
    The employees stood there, looking at the union guy's brand new car, parked next to my Dad's Chevy beater, and the organization effort kinda petered out after that....

  4. This is not about health care. It is about organized crime, networking. That is an image of a Don, a Capo.

    The ACORN sting videos are showing just one of the funding sources for the organization. Another is in Afghanistan.

    The IG-Gate business is to shut down scrutiny tracking to organized crime (DNC, WH, etc.) . Far more is at stake than the integrity of the agency for whom the compromised/sacked IG is accountable. Recalls latter Nixon years.

    The union rank and file doing the bidding of the capos, raising hell -- and not all are -- are canon fodder.

    Probably seems way off topic but actually it's central topic: *Brotherhood of the Bomb,* Gregg Herken. Communism is organized crime. LCN and CPUSA have joined forces, probably to reinforce funding. If that thought is not absurd, it is fecund.