Sunday, September 6, 2009


Obama aide Van Jones resigns as environmental adviser amid controversy over past statements.
Remember: 5 A's in "raaaaaacism."

UPDATE: We remind you that John Hinderaker had expected the rap-music angle to be the last straw.

UPDATE II: More AP news via Chicago Tribune: "The White House issued a statement early Sunday saying Jones had quit the administration."

UPDATE III: by Smitty
Since you can't find Don Meredith doing "Turn Out the Lights" on YouTube, how about an obscure dude from Seattle working out on Roger Miller?

UPDATE IV: (RSM) Heavy action on Twitter:
  • John Hawkins: "I'll enjoy the sweet salty tears of the Left and their cries of 'Racism! Wingnuts! Rarrrr!' over Van Jones leaving"
  • LadyPatriot: "The wheels on Obama's bus go thumpety-thump. Van Jones, you can't trust a guy who throws his grandma & 20yr pastor under the bus!"
Fire Andrea Mitchell is also blogging the resignation.

UPDATE V: WH statement at Washington Post:
"I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today," Jones said in a resignation letter released by the CEQ late Saturday.
"On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide," he said.
"I have been inundated with calls -- from across the political spectrum -- urging me to 'stay and fight,'" he continued. "But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.
"It has been a great honor to serve my country and my President in this capacity. I thank everyone who has offered support and encouragement. I am proud to have been able to make a contribution to the clean energy future. I will continue to do so, in the months and years ahead."
UPDATE VI: David Horowitz at NewsReal says Valerie Jarrett should go, too:
The Obama Administration -- the Soros network and the Apollo Alliance -- are revealed to their rotten core here. This was their protege and only an idiot . . . would not be able to see what’s going on here.
UPDATE VII: Wlady at the The American Spectator cites the Wall Street Journal -- when I had it 20 minutes earlier! A blogger gets no respect, no respect at all, I tell ya . . .

Now a Memeorandum thread. Our claim to exclusivity? Thanks to Smitty, we're the only blog to react to this news with video of some dude strumming a ukelele and singing "King of the Road."

UPDATE VIII: You gotta love the L.A. Times:
Van Jones, the onetime Marxist whose controversial statements about Republicans and 9/11 have made him a distracting lightning rod as Barack Obama's environmental czar in recent days, resigned tonight.
That "onetime Marxist" is classic. As if, sometime in the interval, Jones had an epiphany on the Road to Damascus: "Hayek! Mises! Friedman! We must deregulate! Cut taxes!"

Fox News now has a story, and a Red State blogger observes:
Interesting time to be turning in one's resignation - midnight Saturday night, on a holiday weekend. I guess this gives the MSM a chance to not report it again.
Of course, while the MSM ignored the "controversy," they'll be all over the resignation as proof of the viciousness of right-wingers.

UPDATE IX: Predictable reaction at DailyKos:
Van Jones: A "High-Tech Lynching"
Yeah, I'm sure George Allen is heartbroken about this. Understatement of the decade from Ed Driscoll:
[S]omething tells me that Glenn Beck is going to have reasonably good ratings on Monday.
Gee, ya think? Ed quotes Andy Levy's Twitter:
"Won't it be weird when people who don't get their news from the internet or FNC have no idea who the guy who resigned is?"
Read the whole thing -- a really solid aggregation by Mr. Driscoll. Well, I've done enough for one Sunday morning. Alabama beat Virginia Tech, Van Jones resigned, and all is right with the world.


  1. That's "Dandy" Don to you...

  2. Hey Stacy, in the background of all the stories about Van Jones is the fact that most of his activities were in Oakland CA...Oakland...wasn't that where all that dirty money flowed that the fired IG was investigating? Hmmm. Connections?

  3. Party party party! Think they're trying to bury this news?

    No matter what, the Obama regime won't admit it's the communism, stupid.

  4. So he dove under the bus. He'll be in good company.

  5. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Let's see what new America-hating sucker they find for the job. Don't let up for a minute!

  6. yabbut yabbut It is all the fault of Beck and and and "opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide,"

    "I have been inundated with calls -- from across the political spectrum -- urging me to 'stay and fight,"

    And I have a bridge for sale!

  7. Glenn scored one for the gipper.

    I am eating my humble pie and bowing to the mighty wisdom of Stacy and Smitty. At this rate I'll never get any commas...

    Can I go to bed now? I have to get back to being devout tomorrow. ;-)

  8. The good news is Glenn Beck is doing an in-depth retrospective on Van Jones Monday.

    The bad news is, he'll be wearing a Scottish kilt and dancing the sword dance while he hosts it.

  9. The Raaaaacism Industrial Complex is going to go into hyper drive over this one!

  10. Correction to statement: "Opponents of reform have mounted a vicious campaign of self-defense."

    Remember, Van Jones, you went after Glenn Beck, not the other way around. You'd have been as obscure as the other 32 czars, on your fat government paycheck, if you hadn't done that. Glenn Beck may be nuts, but sending a nut after only had one likely outcome when the consequences for being nuts in the White House are always worse than the consequences for being nuts on TV (where it's often a career advantage).

    Now back to agitating for whatever craziness comes along next. How long before Jones becomes a Birther in retaliation for his ignominious exit?

  11. odd... didn't see this coming; I am sure plenty of haters are rejoicing.

  12. "The good news is Glenn Beck is doing an in-depth retrospective on Van Jones Monday."

    Glenn Beck is an admitted racist, so it's not really shocking to see other racist gravitate to this scumbag. The Tea Party activists are the same, I went to one and it was like going to a klan convention.

  13. Where is the apologies from the republicans for all the name calling they did to our president or at least most agreed with and even said the same nasty things.I have to say you talk about Soto's well what about Murdock? Hhe controls what the news is and says and has been behind the showing of tho0se app-osed to reform and not showing all those who do want it or are looking for information.He owns faux noise and they wonn a law suit that says they can say anything they want and call it news because they are an infotainment station not a news station. about faux noise and how they can lie about any news they want to.Media can legally lie about news.out of Florida appeals court. about faux noise and how they can lie about any news they want to.Media can legally lie about news.out of Florida appeals court

  14. I just woke up. What's going on?:)

  15. To toot my own horn a bit [well, actually, quite a lot]: I had this story on Friday evening...

  16. Jones was "Swiftboated"! A little truth, a little alternative media, a little non-denial-denails with non-apology-apologies, spin well and bake under media spotlights one weekend ...

  17. Truth be told, I feel for this country. America the Beautiful no more, it's America the Vicious, America the Potheic. What makes all of you think that you are any better than the next one? Now, I know why the Myans and other great civilizations predicted doom for 2012 and you people just don't get it. Read about the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and maybe, just maybe you'll understand. But, then again you ARE probably direct decendents of them, so?????????? For all you right winging religious zealots,remember what God said and is written in the Bible "judge not, least ye be judged".

  18. Van Jones' problem is that he called Republicans assholes. And he is not afraid to speak the truth.
    "One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." -- Arthur Koestler



  20. Call me "J".
    The real reason he was dismissed is very simple -- he hit a very sensitive nerve saying the government was responsible for 9 -11.
    Our government planned and executed 9 - 11, I thought everyone knew that by now.
    Where is this Osama Bin Laden?????? I'm sure there's a person with that name; but he had nothing to do with 9 -11.
    Our government is the MOST corrupt in the world and has only ONE purpose -- the complete control and domination of the American people.
    So, why not kill a couple of thousand innocent people to prove their point. It worked!!!! It got the people's attention and gave much, much more control to the government.
    Anyone who can't see this is an idiot.

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