Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pro-family, pro-spanking?

Not his kids, his mistress:
Mike Duvall stepped down Wednesday after a videotape surfaced in which he was overheard telling a lawmaker about having sex with a lobbyist and another woman, including salacious details about how one mistress wears skimpy underwear and likes to be spanked.
Just a couple of questions:
  • What kind of women's underwear is not "skimpy"? I mean, whoever heard of a politicians having a mistress who wears long johns?
  • What's up with stupid Republicans? Having an affair is stupid enough. Bragging about having an affair is stupid on steroids. Bragging about having an affair, resigning from office, and then claiming you just made it all up -- dude, we need to invent a who new word to describe such extreme stupidity.
Welcome to the Mark Sanford Coalition, Mr. Duvall.

UPDATE: Brigitte Russell classifies Duvall among "Guys who would never get laid if they weren’t politicians." Really. It's as if they go into politics for the same reason teenage boys learn to play guitar.

Michelle Malkin also blogged about Duvall. And . . . uh, spanking a lobbyist? The Democrats ought to think about this. Call it "ethics reform": Oh, senator, I've been a bad, bad lobbyist!


  1. More proof that the GOP (with the exception of Sarah) has generally gone to Hel* the last 8 years.
    And another reason for the G*d awful beatings the GOP has taken in every election since 04.

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  2. So what about Barney Frank, who likes to be the "spankee"? When does he lose assignments?

  3. ROFL. Priceless.

    First of all, Stacy, there are different degrees of skimpy and even different types of material. Perhaps the reporters just omitted a few interesting details.

    No disagreements about the stupid-on-steroids part, but at least Republicans chase pretty women. Bill Clinton didn't brag about his affairs for the same reason that the high school stoners don't brag about their grades.