Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If you care about the Constitution, you might be considered a 'tenther'

by Smitty

Virginia Virtucon links a Washington Times article with the following:
The 'tenthers'
Liberal activists have a new name to disparage conservatives: 'tenthers.'

The nickname refers to those who cite the 10th Amendment to argue that federal intervention in areas not authorized by the Constitution, like health care for example, is unconstitutional.

This follows other names such as 'birthers,' 'deathers' and 'tea baggers.'
I don't know whether to be pleased that the loonie-left are showing some cognizance of the Constitution, or projectile-vomiting-sickened that the best closest they can come to understanding is turning a crucial piece thereof into an epithet.

In a lengthy conversation with someone on the left today, whose intellect I generally admire, I was told that all of the objections to the current administration's agenda are founded in fear and raaaaacism.

Not even taking a highly abstract route, arguing that the problem has built in the last century, as evidenced by the incumbency rate and the national debt, could spark legitimate dialogue.

Pointing out that the raaaaacism charge is symmetric, and is every bit as much a tool in the hands of the ones charging it as it is a millstone about the necks of the (I couldn't guess how large) group who may actually have a DNA-based objection to the current POTUS bought me nothing. Anyone who subscribes to raaaaaacism should be forced to take a Biochemistry course, IMO.

So we concluded with the point that I should read BHO's books, so that I can admire hims as well (her point), and that dismissing counter-arguments as raaaaacism and fear-mongering is intellectually dishonest (mine). Then we agreed we love each other and that we should steer clear of politics.

Overall, I felt as if it was a religious discussion. Which is worrisome.


  1. And we of course objected to President Clinton's leftist agenda because of raaaaacism. And we voted against Al Gore and John Kerry because we're raaaaacists. Riiiiiight.

  2. I don't mind being called a 'Tenther' [I think it should be capitalized in honor of the beloved Amendment, by the way].

    'Tory' was originally a term of derision, then the conservatives adopted it as a badge of honor, and I am proud to call myself a Tory to this day.

    The revolutionaries in France labeled us 'right' to disparage conservatives, but, once again, conservatives embraced the insult, no doubt remembering their Ecclesiastes 10:2...

    A wise man's heart [is] at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.

  3. Then we agreed we love each other and that we should steer clear of politics.

    Been there, done that. I have a hard time accepting the legitimacy of 'love' from anyone, who really should know me, willing to call me a racist.

    Over politics no less.


  4. Again, she's been a mother to me.
    The trick will be to avoid playing the I-told-you-so card while we're in the breadline.
    But I have some experience there, too.

  5. Liberal activists have a new name to disparage conservatives: 'tenthers.'

    Let them disparage all they want; they might find that us 10thers are also SECONDERS who mean it...

  6. Tenthers? Now that's a name I can be proud of.