Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN's radical morality

James O'Keefe describes ACORN's "thug criminality." However, it is important to consider how the Left's ideology justifies their lawlessness:
If these "community organizers" believe that the status quo constitutes systemic social injustice, isn't indifference to the law ingrained in their ideology? Can tax fraud be a sort of civil disobedience? It may also be that the 11 ACORN workers charged in Florida on charges of fraudulent voter registrations believed that election laws were unjust, and thus could be ignored righteously.
What O'Keefe calls "thug criminality," ACORN calls "social justice" and, in the Age of Obama, guess which definition applies?
You can read the whole thing. And note well Jeff Quinton's warning that Maryland officials might prosecute O'Keefe under the state law that prohibits surreptitious recording.

On the one hand, the Left believes that no laws or rules govern their own effort on behalf of "social justice" -- the end justifies the means. But when the Left gains power, they rigorously enforce laws against their enemies.

Remember Lenin's famous question: "Who, whom?" The Left recognizes no absolute standard of morality. That which the Left does to advance its cause is always moral -- nothing that the radical "who" inflicts on the enemy "whom" can be condemned as immoral.

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