Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Tea Party Central

Otherwise known as the Westin Hotel, where I've come to eat dinner and file a brief report. Thanks to Barbara Espinosa, Rick Moran and VodkaPundit for helping me cover the Tea Party live. More reports at The Sundries Shack, GayPatriot, Nice Deb, Weasel Zippers and Instapundit
Will have full coverage later. Now, dinner. I've left Myers The Blog Intern alone with Barbara, which could be dangerous . . .

UPDATE: Dan Riehl showed up at the Westin hotel bar, and Matthew Vadum is expected soon. Right now, I'm blogging from Barbara Espinosa's room. NTTAWWT. IYKWIMAITYD.

Meanwhile, VodkaPundit did a telephone interview with Barbara -- on my cell phone. And Vodka also responds to a particularly idiotic attack. A week ago, I wrote:

Ace finally lost patience with LGF's Charles Johnson over the Van Jones controversy. In exasperation, Ace's cri de coeur was: "This is like arguing with a woman of the more irrational sort."
If you're too crazy for Ace, you're just too damned crazy. CJ tried to purge both Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. You can't build a coalition by the process of subtraction.

UPDATE II: BTW, the "particularly idiotic attack" is the same kind of attack that is being made on Joe Wilson, whose left-wing enemies get a rebuttal from Stogie at Saberpoint and also here and here.

Meanwhile, the friends of liberty keep gathering in the Westin Hotel bar. Darlene Thornton of Savannah, Ga. -- who traveled more than 800 miles for the rally -- was wearing a T-shirt with this motto: "I'll keep my guns, freedom and money. . . . You can keep the Change."

Nancy Jo Taylor of Highland Village, Texas, drove 1,500 miles to attend the rally. "I wanted to represent my mother, who is 98 . . . We're upset with this administration, and the lies, and the overspending."

Well, my friends await me downstairs at the bar, so you'll excuse me. I am a social conservative . . .

UPDATE III: Alan Colmes, you suck. "Corporate push," my left butt-cheek. I'm partying with the 9/12 people tonight and they are the heart and soul of grassroots America.

UPDATE IV: Well, I just got home from D.C., and might as well finish what I've started. Demonstrating that the best "conservative" comments are always from anonymous a-holes, let's look at "MPH" in the comment field at Vodka's:
Well, Stacy McCain does write for Taki Magazine and VDare…two absolutely disgusting (and racist) publications. McCain is openly friendly with the editor of Taki Mag, Richard Spencer, an avowed white nationalist (Spencer proudly told me this himself the one time I was disgraced to meet him – the guy is a f-ing lunatic and anyone who calls themselves a friend of this creature has serious issues of their own).
…and never mind that Stacy McCain is a member of the League of the South. What else do you need to know? Come on Stephen…you are one of the great ones. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Don’t close your eyes to this filth.
-- MPH, 3:41 p.m.
Richard Spencer, as I have written before, is a young radical intellectual who has read too much Nietzsche. Should he be shunned therefore? He was a graduate student at Duke during the lacrosse-team "rape" hoax, and I suppose that might radicalize anyone. is run by Peter Brimelow, author of the excellent book, Alien Nation, and the site has carried Michelle Malkin's column for years. More "MPH":
But you owe it to yourself to look beyond the interactions you’ve had with McCain at the DNC and CPAC. While Charles is being unfair to the tea-partiers as a whole, he isn’t far off in his assessment of McCain. For the credibility of PJTV and PJM, you owe it to the institution you are helping to build to know which people are leeching off your success for their own desultory means.
League of the South…League of the South! The “reformed” KKK (or maybe they’re just in remission). Taki Magazine. VDare. Sick Sick Sick.
I look up to you as a rational classically liberal commentator (like a Glenn Reynolds with great comedic timing). It is painful to see this defense of what seems so obviously indefensible.
-- MPH 4:15 p.m.
"League of the South! League of the South!" Don't you love these "conservatives" who get their talking-points from the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Notice that anonymous a-hole "MPH" tells Steven not to judge me based on actual acquaintance. Nor should you talk to people who actually know me and know anything about the background of this controversy. You might talk to novelist Tito Perdue, who has known me for about 15 years and is familiar with the background, or you might talk to Pierre-Rene Noth, who was my editor at the Rome News-Tribune from 1991-97.

Is Stacy McCain crazy? Oh, yeah. Is Stacy McCain, dangerous? Well, there's his firework habit, but . . .

Is Stacy McCain racist? Define the term. That's exactly the problem, as I've been saying for years. "Racist" has been re-defined to mean, "Anyone who disagrees with a liberal." And the accusation requires the accused to prove a negative, you see?

These attacks against me are made by people who don't know who my friends are, who don't know who has partaken of my hospitality or benefitted from my assistance, who don't know my children or my children's friends. They are, in other words, completely ignorant, and so arrogantly stupid as to repeat the ignorant accusations of others, based purely on some sort of ideological litmus test which they -- in their imagined superiority -- feel qualified to administer.

Why engage with people who think that way, except to point out that they think that way? Why should I be compelled to defend myself against such "ransom note" smears? And who is "MPH," except an anonymous a-hole trying to recycle old left-wing attacks on me?

Meanwhile, the commenters are telling me that Charles Johnson himself has now attacked me by way of responding the Vodka, so I guess I'll deal with that now. So much for turning in early so I'd be well-rested to write my 800-word news article due tomorrow afternoon . . . sigh.

Remember: There are five A's in "raaaaacist."


  1. Charles Johnson is claiming you are a white supremacist blogger Stacy (and that Vodkapundit is complicit in linking to you). Funny, but when I think racist or white supremacist, you and Stephen Green do not immediately come to mind.

  2. It has been such an unbelievable day - we just got back to our hotel, EXHAUSTED but finally fed and hidrated. Great people, fantastic signs, fabulous attitudes. I was able to keep up with some reports and updates on my iPhone. Stacy, your reports via Stephen Green have been great. I even saw and photographed some of the same signs - and in a crowd of hundreds of thousands if not > 1 million! (Rumors of upwards of 2 million yet to be verified, likely someone trying to overestimate to undercut our strength.) 1 huge complaint - 100 porta-potties for this many people is INSANE. And firetrucks and ambulances coming through thousands of people, also insane.

    I expect this to happen again a year from now as we head into the last stretch of the 2010 campaigns. My family is already planning revised strategies for next Sept. Congresscritters are hereby warned!

  3. Stacy! I was waiting on you! Are you still in DC? I've got some photos hosted at the Green Room.

  4. Joe, Charles Johnson also didn't seem to have enough of a problem with Van Jones either.It took the truther story to knock him out so CJ found it to be politics as usual, said he had no love lost on Van Jones but felt the truther story was made up.
    So using CJ's ivory tower logic, he is of the same crowd who see's no problem in killing Police officers and he must be a communist as well as a racist being Van Jones was also a reverse racist, a title that CJ cannot use, so he must be a racist.

    Funny how that high handed, holier than thou stuff works in painting a picture of those you don't like.He has adjusted perfectly with the tin foil hat crowd.

  5. OK.

    Enought with the white wash.

    Tell us (or point to somebody that will tell us):

    How many cars turned over?

    How many cars burned?

    How much red paint?

    How much teargas?

    Fire hoses?


    Windows broken?

    People injured?

    Injured and required transport?


    Let's hear the truth now.

  6. Please get us an estimate of the number of people from a credible source. I can believe that a million people did show up, but I can find accurate numbers. I NEED TO KNOW!!

  7. You can't build a coalition by the process of subtraction.

    This presupposes too much. He's long since used up his 15 minutes and his paranoia and egoism isn't going to buy him another.

  8. Darleen over at PW noted this: Charles Johnson is practically orgasming over even innocuous signs he considers “proof” that Tea Parties are “controlled” by Creationists and Racists and Paulians.

    Hey, no hard feelings CJ. We want to to be happy. Ride on Charles "Pony Boy" Johnson, Ride!

  9. How many were there? I was not there. But this video is telling. Let's just say it is a number a lot greater than 10,000 and less than 2,000,000. I am guessing around a million, give or take a couple of hundred thousand. But I do not do this for a living.

  10. Before noon, the number of paraders who had passed 11th & Pennsylvania was METERED at 450,000. Add in late arrivals -- easily an equal number -- and I'd say 1 million was a minimum.

  11. Crooks and Liars is not so much a blog name as an admission (perhaps unconscious) of guilt. My brother, incidentally, is also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And Charles Johnson is now a certifiable flake.

  12. Excitable Chucky is nearly wetting himself in responding back Stephen and assaulting you, R.S. :

  13. Man! I'm staying at your hotel! I flew in from Los Angeles on Thursday for the march.

    I'm posting my pictures and a few videos to give people a feel for the rally over at my blog:

    Anyone who thinks the crowd today was "thousands" is off by about 3 orders of magnitude!

  14. Charles Johnson on why Robert Stacy McCain is in leaque with the Devil!

    Jesus, CJ seems to hate RSM as much as CJ hates Pam Geller. I am guessing RSM put some hot sauce on CJ's bike seat.

  15. I just dug through CJ's post about you, Stacy, and he has indeed jumped the shark. He's acting like any leftie on a faux outrage trip.

    For example, he quoted you out of context from this. The only reason people wouldn't accept that article is because they want to revise history.....which is a bad idea. ALL history needs to be taught, good or bad.

    Anywho, thanks for the reporting today!


  16. Mr. McCain, It was nice finally getting a chance to meet you.

    Have several pics posted on Facebook.. you should be able to access them if need to.

  17. Stacy, well that settles it. If Charles Johnson hates you, you are AOK in my book. Well you were anyway but now on steroids.

  18. MPH is Michael Hussey, husband of Kejda Gjermani (a/k/a Medaura), both of whom are well known to current and former LGF visitors.

  19. The Tea Partiers are controlled by Creationists is the allegation.

    Well, I should hope so. 89% of Americans are some form of Creationists. For Congresspeople reading this, thats 9 of 10 Americans. Half of America believes in the more scientifically valid YEC Theory, but there are tens of millions that believe in 'God used Evolution' theory which is another form of Creationism.

    Plus, no offense to Atheist Conservatives, but much of that last 11% is probably hard core liberal. So having Creationists running things is obviously true because its Americans that are running things.

    There is a case to be made that those who lack socon guts, turn flaky and wimpy. CJ seems to be an example of this from the comments others have made.


  20. I have to say that I find the "Confederate Cause" speech exceedingly disturbing. The "Confederate cause" was to enslave human beings. THAT was the issue. That was the reason they chose to fight to preserve their states' rights. If they had agreed to recognize the fundamental humanity of the people they had kept enslaved, we wouldn't have had a civil war, and perhaps the very idea of "states rights" wouldn't have been tarnished for these past 100 years and more. Confederate apologists try to dress it up all they can (and I'm from the South, I've heard it all), but in the end the issue over which the South chose to fight was protecting slavery.

    For anybody to give a speech about the great honorable cause of the Confederacy without even a word about how evil the practice of slavery in this country was? Gives me great pause. If there was any white-washing of history going on in that particular address, it was by the author, and no one else.

  21. "Stay classy, teabaggers" ???

    Is that like the ironic comment for the day?

    Stay classy, you ball suckers!

    Perhaps if Kennedy had a little more class someone wouldn't have been left to drown....

  22. John C. RandolphSun Sep 13, 12:53:00 PM

    "The "Confederate cause" was to enslave human beings. THAT was the issue"

    If that was the issue, then why did Lincoln offer (DURING the war) to let the south keep slaves in perpetuity if they would just lay down their arms and pay the tariff?

    There were slaves in every state when we seceded from the British Empire. Does that mean that slavery was THE issue in the revolutionary war?

    if you want to know what the issues that led the south to secede actually were, try reading Jefferson Davis' farewell address to the US congress, and his inaugural address. Then, try reading the Confederate constitution.


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