Monday, September 7, 2009

Olbermann is too easy

by Smitty

Fishersville Mike has an ESPN clip of K.O. confronted by a man.

A quick trip to YouTube has Keith appearing sane, and having a sense of smell:

Of course, Affleck remains the gold standard of the art of Olbermann thrashing. Look how hard it is to push beyond the already high level of self-parody:

Even though we've given Olbermann more attention than he deserves, is it going to help his ratings? I doubt it. It must really suck a lot of pond water to be Keith, watching Glenn Beck tell the truth (albeit in a large font) and clean house.


  1. Meditate on....
    the angst and self loathing he endures in his dark hours.

  2. You put the biscuit in the basket.

  3. "...watching Glenn Beck tell the truth (albeit in a large font) and clean house."
    Tell the truth?!?!?
    Even he says that if you take him seriously you're an idiot!
    My gawd!
    I've noticed that Conservatives love to use ratings as THE barometer when they want to state their case.
    If you could get Simon Cowell into to your punditry circle-jerk, you guys would be unstoppable...