Monday, September 7, 2009

Just in case you ever doubted
that Keith Olbermann is nuts

He's now asking the Daily Kos kooks to help him destroy Glenn Beck and Fox News:
Find everything you can about Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes. . . . Tuesday we will expand this to the television audience and have a dedicated email address to accept leads, tips, contacts, on Beck, his radio producer Burguiere, and the chief of his tv enablers, Ailes . . .
(Hat tips to Ace of Spades and Howard Portnoy in the Green Room.) Several ironies here:
  • Van Jones was a relative minor administration official. It's not like he was Secretary of the Treasury. And yet his resignation -- he wasn't fired, he resigned -- is the casus belli for total war on Beck.
  • It's not like Jones was sent to federal prison. (As opposed to Scooter Libby, who took the fall in the Left's PlameGate witch-hunt.) Jones will surely go on to some prestigious big-money job, plus the usual book deal, speaking engagements, etc. His "victimhood" is non-existent.
  • Having Olbermann as an enemy is just another feather in Beck's cap.
So, either Olbermann is completely nuts or he's just cynical exploiting the insane rage of the Nutroots. Either way, nothing Olby does can harm Beck, and all this stunt will do is to demonstrate Olby's impotence.

Memeorandum goes nuts for this. The Jones-as-victim meme is also pushed by Alan Colmes, Jane Hamsher, Carl Pope of HuffPo and some left-wing blogger whom I never heard of until Sunday. And the same idea -- Jones victimized by vicious Republicans -- was a favorite theme of network news coverage of Jones' resignation.

The astounding disproportion between the facts -- who Van Jones is and what got him in trouble -- and the Left's perception tells you a lot about what's gone wrong in Hopeville. For all the recent uproar about Joseph Farah and "Birthers," it is the Democratic Party which suffers most from the influence of its extremist supporters.

Jane Hamsher, Alan Colmes, and Keith Olbermann apparently live inside an echo chamber where a man who was a leader of a Marxist outfit like STORM, and who subsequently signed a 9/11 Truther petition, is not legitimately controversial. (The next time Colmes goes on Fox, somebody needs to ask him, "Hey, Alan, do you think Marxism is a bad thing?")

That someone like Jones could be appointed as a White House policy "czar," and that Olbermann can't see where some people might have a problem with that, tends to disprove the worry-wart concerns of certain centrist Republicans that the GOP is the more "extreme" of the two major parties. Does anyone seriously expect an avowed "Birther" to get a White House job in the next Republican administration?

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  1. "Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy."

    And I can just hear that cool Revenge of the Sith music in the background. I hear it every single time I re-read that deranged Kos post. It just seems to naturally reverberate, and I hear Olby's words as if they were voiced by Ian McDiarmid himself.

  2. koomes, obermug, and the rest are prime. examples why the democrates have an ass for a logo.they are welcome to kiss mine. Texan.

  3. Wait... Olbermann is nuts?
    I thought he was just full of 'impotent' rage...

  4. The Olberdouche is just trying to provoke Beck into starting a war of words in a cynical attempt to pump up is own sagging ratings just like he did with the notorious feud he had with O'Reily. The best thing to do is just ignore the blow hard and the sycophantic little creeps that watch his show and eventually his numbers will get so bad that he either gets shifted to a different time slot or booted from MSNBC all together.

  5. ...and there is no joy in Hopeville,
    Mighty Van Jones has struck out!

  6. How much righteous rage can the hard left drum up before someone gets killed? Seriously.

  7. Jane was last heard-of trying to research a docudrama on the manufacture of crack & meth. Seems like she's really getting into that project pretty deeply..!!

    The crack-brains on the ultra-left asylum outpatient crew like Keith Overbite are now jumping up and down and holding their breath out loud! Funny to see certified ultra-left whack-jobs take that next step into complete backward [and I mean back ward, like the one in St. Elizabeth's in DC where they locked up relatively sane Ezra Pound] insanity that no drugs or treatment can touch.

    What are the latest overnites on Overbites' viewer numbers compared to Glenn's? About 10 Glenn eyeballs for every stoned slacker watching KO knock himself out.

  8. After vilifying Joseph McCarthy for his "witch hunts" against closet communists in influential positions, the leftist media -- Olbermann, who adopted Edward R. Murrow's "Good night and good luck" tagline as his own, chief among them -- finally have an example of a communist in the highest level of government courtesy of Glenn Beck.

    Now, they're going after Beck for ... well, what did Glenn Beck do? He revealed the truth about what Jones had said in the past, done in the past, and said he will do in the future, all of which were unknown to the general public and unspoken by the Obama Administration.

    If President BHO wasn't trying to slip VJ-jay under the radar, he would have stood up and spoken forthrightly the reasons why he's The Only Man For The Job the same way he did for Tiny Tim Turbo Tax Geithner. But he couldn't, because he can't afford to open the door to questioning of how a self-proclaimed Maoist was welcomed into his White House with open arms and given the task of helping revamp the American economy.

    I won't ask Keith whether he has a sense of decency. I already know.

  9. "Does anyone seriously expect an avowed "birther" to get a White House job in the next administration?"

    That would depend upon the professional qualifications of the Republican conservative to be appointed, and on what conservatives or Republicans allow/interpret "birther" to mean.

    If an honorable conservative is considered for an adminstrative appointment because of the individual's professional accomplishments and talents, having held that "the jury is out" on the Constitutional POTUS requirements (issues regarding "natural born citizen" requiring both parents US citizens, and non-dual citizenship) would be the prudent conservative position while the matter is yet to be resolved. To dismiss Constitutional clauses because they are politically inconvenient is not "conservative".

    Whether or not an administration would want such an individual working from the White House is the point. And whether such an individual would want an administrative position to work for a POTUS who though Republican does not hold to the Constitution is also to the point.

  10. Wow. That's ... you know I want to say that's one of the dumbest moves ever made by a tv show personality but I'm sure Olberman has done far more ignorant things in his life. Beck never responds directly to stuff like this - ever. He generally circles around to the most vulnerable spot and then nibbles away at it relentlessly. Patience young Jedi. Olberman is so far beneath Beck he's going to need a ladder into space to find his ass if he wnts to kick it.

  11. I bask in the glory of victimizng Van Jones!

    Did all of you fellow America hating racists get you Glann Back talking points sent in on the secret Haliburton network?

    The left is dangerously close to finding out that we are all in cahoots to victimize Saint Obama and apostles.

    Let the hate flow!

    Note: Is it just me, or is the left scared out of their minds all of a sudden?

  12. I'll be a little surprised if Olbermann's bosses let him "expand this to the television audience." It is and should be beneath the dignity of a major news organization. Does even MSNBC want to be associated with this quasi-McCarthyist witch hunt? If they do let it go forward, then all pretense that they are a major news organization should evaporate.

  13. Re: "birther" @ 9:52

    There are so many issues worth battling that would take down the utterly contemptuously corrupt Obama administration. Some of his opponents favor this or that point. No one needs to favor all the same points. Nor need they denounce a legitimate point because it isn't their particular cup of tea to protest.

    To the root, however, if a plant corrupts an entire system of government, why mow or prune it when the root itself is the usurping source that chokes out liberty to corrupt Constitutional Governance?

    Barack Hussein Obama gives America cause to question the legitimacy of Obama himself not being vetted properly before becoming the DNC candidate and elected POTUS, namely that he does not Constitutionally qualify to legitimately be the POTUS.

    If one doesn't feel up to that attack, don't smear those who do by calling them "birthers" for demanding the production of his original long form certificate of live birth from which the computerized birth certificates are generated. Don't smear researchers as "birthers" for studying the documentation of Obama's origin. Rather, smear Obama for not producing what every other candidate for POTUS has never refused to provide, particularly never denying the public's request for proof before purchase.

    To fall back on the argument that "it's too late now" is what's really stupid, enabling Leftist "liberals" to erase this or that portion of the Constitution, facilitating further erosion.

    That's about the only "line by line" veto we'll ever get from the Obama administration, as this or that clause from the Constitution gets erased, rubbed out.

  14. Glenn Beck is the most interesting thing on the news nowadays, and I don't just mean the most interesting commentator; he transcends commentary and becomes the story himself. He is also shaping up to be the prophet of the Disaffected Right, which is rather stronger and saner than the pundits would have us believe.

    Yours, &c,

  15. "Note: Is it just me, or is the left scared out of their minds all of a sudden?"

    Not so much scared as resentful that everyone they know thinks the way they do, so they believed that everyone period thought that way... and then ran smack into the wall of America's general center-rightism.

    Michael Barone summed up American politics in one brilliant sentence: "There are more conservatives than Republicans, and more Democrats than liberals." The Dems have a certain structural advantage in that they have a captive union/urban machine audience, but they don't have to go far to have gone too far left for those people and turn a bunch of them into "Reagan Democrats." Right now that's a lesson they're learning all over again, as they do every generation.

  16. You should be kind to Jane. She's surely the only vertebrate on the face of the planet with her scapulas on the front of her ribcage.

  17. Keith Olbermann? Isnt he on some obscure TV channel? My family would much rather watch re-runs of My Mother the Car or even Joanie Loves Chac, including the commercials, than to watch Obscureman

  18. This VJ resignation outrage is just a manufactured diversion to keep the far left occupied and focused on something else while the public option goes kaput. Look! a pony!!

  19. There seems to be a pattern in a lot of conservative blogs:
    Three intelligent comments, then a birther going off topic. (Although for a birther, there is only one topic.Everthing else is illegitimate, poisoned fruit.)
    I am not sure if theses are sincere comments, or the left is trolling, desperate to make the birther belief seem like an animating force on the right. I think they see countercharge as the only way they can defend themselves against the charge that their backrooms are full of whackjobs. (Forget this old commie, look at those birthers!)

  20. Either way, nothing Olby does can harm Beck, and all this stunt will do is to demonstrate Olby's impotence.

    Hah! Once the Mighty Olbermann's two dozen viewers set their teeth into Beck's ankle, watch out! It's WAR!!


  21. Just a Columbia Ag School graduate, calling the chickens home to roost.

  22. Dear Mr. McCain: Saying that Van Jones resigned is correct, but does seem to be splitting very fine hairs...

    I think Keith has a swell idea, and we should all help him with this project, just as we all helped Linda Douglass with her "" Why not fill Keith's inbox with all the stuff our imaginations can devise for him?

    Sincerely yours,
    Gregory Koster

  23. "Does MSNBC want to be associated with this quasi-McCarthyist witch hunt?"

    Keith Olberman works for MSNBC. MSNBC is owned by GE. GE is chaired by Jeff Immelt. Jeff Immelt is a top contributer to Barack Obama.

    So, the answer is yes. MSNBC does want to associate with this quasi-McCarthyist witch hunt. GE stands to make billions of dollars in profit if Barack Obama is allowed to implement his energy policies and so, from a corporate standpoint, it makes a lot of sense for General Electric to sick its attack dogs on anyone who would oppose Barack Obama.

    GE (not AT&T) is building the Death Star.

  24. Scared? Yeah, they're scared. They can't pass any legislation with majorities in both Houses. Their President takes more vacations than W and hasn't rescinded a single "civil-rights eroding" weapon in the War on Man-Made Disasters that Cheney concoted in cahoots with his chief aide, Scooter Voldemort.

    Jamie Gumm

  25. I read the comments of Scott Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, on Van Jones's resignation. It consisted of one long accusation of racism, featuring terms like "lynch mob." Pope wrote, "He (Jones) spoke to and was part of an America that Fox and the reactionary right would like to put back on the plantation or pretend is not part of our nation." According to Pope, Jones's critics aren't just racists, they are not just violent thugs, they want to bring back slavery. Not a word about Jones's professed Communism or his support for cop killer Mumia or Jones's nutty 9/11 conspiracy theory. I guess in the Sierra Club, an ounce of accusation outweighs a pound of facts.

  26. These guys should be careful who they pick on. The whole thing started when Glenn Beck said he thought Obama was a racist because of some of Obama's comments and past associations. A non-profit (what else?) called Colors of Change began to organize a boycott of advertisers that sponsor Beck. At this point, every republican on the face of the earth would cower in the corner and beg, beg for forgiveness. Beck didn't. He hit back. He spent time researching Colors of Change, found Van Jones who had organized the group, followed the trail to the White House and dug in.
    I don't think they really want to get Glenn interested in what they're doing.

  27. Van Jones was the green jobs czar. I have seen nothing about whether he ever created a single job. Anybody know?

  28. It is said a man is measured by the stature of his enemies. Glenn Beck must feel gravely soiled to be hated by such a dwarf.

  29. Van Jones was swiftboated! You know what "swiftboating" is, don'tcha? It's when someone tells vicious truths about someone else.

    Seriously, the man was brought down by his own record and utterances, all in the public domain and available for anyone with access to Google and YouTube. And he was brought down without a single mention in any of the MSM outside of Fox News.

  30. Ah, yes, the wicked writhing in their spasms of twee rage - a wonderful thing!

  31. Linked to at:

  32. Olbermann has obviously slipped into full "Ernst Stavro Blofeld mode":


  33. and the only racists are: Pope and Van Jones.

    Try as they might, the fact is that those who scream racism are usually the perpetrators with their own brand of racism.

    A good example is to be found in India. It is not true racism because it involves the caste system. The Sikhs are hated by other Indians for a reason. The Caste system looks down upon those in the lowest of the castes.

    The crap about claiming that the conservatives are racists and a lynch mob goes to show that these people are hysterical....

  34. Mc-Finnaghine!

  35. Glenn Beck exposed Van Jones to a television audience. Van Jones' own words on YouTube and signature on a 9/11 "Truther" petition brought Van Jones down and Beck and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit simply did the work to track down the story. I guess Kos and Olbermann can't find error in Beck's reporting, so they have to lash out at the messenger.

  36. What cracks me up about this is that Glenn has already told the world repeatedly about his past alcohol and drug abuse. He's talked about his mother's suicide. He's talked about what an awful human being he used to be. He's already laid it all out for everyone to see.

    Van Jones did too. The difference is Glenn Beck is not a "special advisor" to the President. No matter what the left may dig up on Glenn (and they've been desperately working at that night and day since he joined FOX), it will always be apples to oranges.

    Van Jones laid it all out for everyone to see and most importantly, for the President to see. And let's be honest--Jones was far worse than a "truther." That would be quirky compared to what he really is: a self-described communist who also happens to be a racist.

    And sadly, that's apparently OK with Obama.

  37. The fact of teh matter is Glenn Beck is garbage.His hysterical bullshit is believed by people like you,mouthbreathing asshats who can't think for themselves,and depend on old white guys to tell you what to think,when to think it,and when to stop thinking it.You fucktards are incapable of nothing but following the party line,just like good little Nazis you are(and yes,I said Nazis.Jonah Goldberg and Fox News can make up all the "history' they want to;it won't change the fact that Nazism is a right wing,conservative ideology).

  38. I don't expect any Birthers to hold a job in the next Republican White House, yet I don't think being a Birther is of the same level of repugnant idiocy as being a 9/11 Truther. Because even if the Birthers were entirely right, we would merely have a President who wanted to be President so much he hid the circumstances of his birth. Whereas if the Truthers are right, then our last President ordered a massive (and perfect) conspiracy of murder. That's closer to the "Clintons murdered Vince Foster" conspiracists -- only 3,000 times over.

  39. I think Glenn Beck is terrible television. (Enough with the emoting already!) But Van Jones brought himself down, on video and on the record. Beck has no power to get the White House to fire people, unless the White House sees that the video is damning. So if you think one has to be a Nazi "fucktard" to oppose Van Jones, then you must also think that Obama is a Nazi fucktard.

  40. The fact of teh ...

    Ah, another reasoned, well thought out, response from the brightest of the opposition.

  41. Did Jones have any idea about the technology of green jobs??? When I heard him yammering on about solar-powered bulldozers, I thought to myself: this guy has his head three feet up his fundament!!

  42. Free clue to Anonymous, who lectures us on "The fact of teh matter": a string of vicious ad hominems and unsupported assertions is NOT an argument. You should perhaps return to KOS and DU, where vapidity and snot-flinging are stock in trade.

  43. A second clue to Anonymous... naaaah, jelink's free clue was sufficient. Chortle.

  44. "I am not now, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social or political equality of the white and black races. I am not now nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor of intermarriages with white people. There is a physical difference between the white and the black races which will forever forbid the two races living together on social or political equality. There must be a position of superior and inferior, and I am in favor of assigning the superior position to the white man." -- Abraham Lincoln, 1858