Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Morgan Freeberg slipping?

by Smitty

I'm not going to try to worm my way out of it. House of Eratosthenes has been a premier blog in the ol' Google Reader. Always there with thorough, geeky analysis, good humor, and added value to what he links.

But I wonder if he's losing his touch.

Here he quotes Josh Olson, a screenwriter:
At this point, you should walk away, firm in your conviction that I'm a dick. But if you're interested in growing as a human being and recognizing that it is, in fact, you who is the dick in this situation, please read on.

Yes. That's right. I called you a dick. Because you created this situation. You put me in this spot where my only option is to acquiesce to your demands or be the bad guy. That, my friend, is the very definition of a dick move.
Says Freeberg of Olson:
I’m looking for the occasion upon which I might shamelessly steal them, and thinking back on some situations in which I could have stolen them had I been aware of them.
Now, Morgan, let me put it to you in geek-speak:
That's right. You understand that, from the POTUS on down, Olson encapsulates succinctly the proper response to the intellectually dishonest left, and their zombie minions.

"We the People," in an amazing week, have:
  • Rejected Van Jones.
  • Told the POTUS "We don't need no education/thought control".
  • Found a Congressman with the courage to yell fact in a crowded fiction.
  • Blown the lid off rotten ACORN, and perhaps restored the possibility of a valid census.
  • Thumbed the nose at an attempt to distort the meaning of a national tragedy eight years ago.
  • Put a very large number of "just folks" on the Mall to underscore the fact that we are as serious as lung cancer about what the Congress/Administration are doing.
We are not the dicks. That would be Obama/Pelosi/Reid. The tri-dumb-virate.


  1. OMG Stacy, you are a sed geek, too.
    Your multi-talentedness amazes me.


  2. Let's just hope that next week is even better and the one after that better still. JJ