Friday, September 11, 2009

Media Matters attacks . . . MSNBC?

Why would one crooked left-wing smear operation attack another crooked left-wing smear operation?

Two words: Pat Buchanan. (That's a post at the personal blog of Media Matters employee Oliver Willis, who spent hours Twittering his attacks on Buchanan.)

Notice that the Left was OK with Pat being on MSNBC as an anti-war Republican during the Bush years. But now that Buchanan is criticizing Obama . . . eh, not so much.

Buchanan's views about the subjects for which Media Matters now denounces him haven't changed at all. All that has changed is the tactical objectives of the Left, whose No. 1 goal now is to silence all critics of Obama.

The Left has always been more dangerous to its "friends" than to its enemies. Trotsky was a comrade-in-good-standing until he began to became a threat to Stalin's leadership. Try to make friends with the Left, and next thing you know, somebody puts an ice-ax through your skull.

Of course, I'll defend Buchanan against these leftist vermin, but there is a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is this:
When you're a Jet,
You're a Jet all the way,
From your first cigarette
'Til your last dyin' day.
No conservative should ever believe that there is anything to be gained by making friends with the Left.


  1. True enough Stacy, but frankly I've had it with Pat. His WWII history revision leaves me cold. and ever since he turned away from free trade I've found him making less and less sense.

    I used to love reading his stuff. :(

  2. And the Left turning on its supposed ally because he didn't show 110% fealty surprises us how?

    I believe operative phrase is, "Pop some popcorn."

  3. I wish MSNBC would give him his own show, but of course that is a fantasy.

  4. Pat never made friends with the left. And his WWII book is spot on.

  5. I agree with Paul Gottfried that while Pat's stuff on WWII is valuable but flawed, his view of WWI is exactly right.

  6. Speaking of Gottfried, he has also been saying for a long time what Stacy is saying, that there is no point in joining with the left against the neocons because the left hates real right-wingers even more anyway. Just because some neoconservatives resort to using politically correct values to go after Buchanan, does not make it a good idea for Buchanan fans to try to join with the far left against the neoconservatives. I find that there are good and bad characters on both sides of this dispute.