Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Phyllis!

Cynthia Yockey rounds up a brutal punk-smacking that Phyllis Chesler laid on Naomi Wolfe who -- I am not making this up -- defended the burqa as "feminist."

My apologies to Cynthia and Phyllis for not noticing earlier, as I get so wrapped up in my own flame-wars that it's like tunnel vision.

Speaking of flame wars and feminism, Little Miss Attila took womynly offense at Ace of Spades after Ace finally lost patience with LGF's Charles Johnson over the Van Jones controversy. In exasperation, Ace's cri de coeur was: "This is like arguing with a woman of the more irrational sort."

Attila acts outraged, but she knows exactly what Ace is talking about. Any argument between a man and a woman will eventually reach the stage at which the woman's key point is, "You are a bad person for disagreeing with me."

In response, the man's argument becomes, "Why don't you shut your stupid mouth and fix me some biscuits?"

Which was essentially what Ace was saying to Charles.


  1. But at ace's it would be "shut yer pie hole and make me a sammich"

    At my house my sons would [affectionatly and while running for cover] say "Hey woman,get in the kitchen and bake us a pie"
    Then my oldest son married a moonbat and she doesn't think anything is funny...
    Waht a surprise.

  2. :Any argument between a man and a woman will eventually reach the stage at which the woman's key point is, "You are a bad person for disagreeing with me.":

    That point is commonly identified as "the first thing the man says."

    Why can't Naomi Wolf defended the burqa as feminist? Obama defended the hijab as a woman's "choice" (yep, she can choose whether to get the shit beaten out of her by her daddy and brothers, or she can wear the hijab)...

  3. Aw, come on, Stace--is this satire, or do you really think that all men argue alike, and all women argue alike?

    My second serious boyfriend loved to argue. My husband hates it.

    So, of course, when it's necessary to work something out--or conflict arises--I have a completely different argument style with the spouse, versus with my mathematician. In this marriage, it's: get in, do the dirty work, and get out quickly without bruising anyone's ego. There's no such thing as a pleasurable disagreement.

    And none of THAT has anything to do with Ace's last few girlfriends... or your own man-crush on him.

    I like Ace, but he was dead-wrong to bring baggage from some relationship into a blog-post and use it as a way of smearing women, by comparing them to Charles Freakin' Johnson.

    And, I do know about arguing with irrational women: I deal with my mom. Bt her abusiveness, and her willingness to play dirty pool, would be no less egregiousness if she were male. (And men can be just as controlling as women, for that matter; I've seen it, and it's no better from males than from females.)

    What he did was the equivalent of throwing out an ethnic slur, and I was obligated to say something. So now it's said, and I'm moving on--unless you want to make some kind of issue out of it.

  4. Trust me, you don't have to be a guy to have that happen to you.

  5. Not touching this ... at least not without wine.

  6. Stacy, my dear, I thank you for the post and link! And rest assured, I would have something to say about the biscuits, but dear Attila has handled it and I have to go make fried green tomatoes for my father and the heirloom tomato tasting party my neighbors are hosting with tomatoes that I have grown.

    P.S. Keep an eye on this -- Dr. Chesler's third post on it was subheaded, "The Hundred Years' War Begins," and so it has, so it has.

  7. Miss Attila wrote: "So now it's said, and I'm moving on--unless you want to make some kind of issue out of it."

    See? She lays a bunch of stuff on me, says, "That's the last word," and walks away satisfied that she has proven the most important point: I'm completely wrong, and a bad person for disgreeing with her.

    Just like a woman . . .

  8. Yes.

    And--your point would be?


    Attila and I have been reading up on the daily atrocities committed against Muslim women. This may be reducing the amount of humor we can bring to the American battle of the sexes at this time.

  9. Holy crap, is it Offend a Feminist Week again already?

  10. Why, Mr. McCain! If there's more you want to say, express yourself! It's just that *I* didn't have more to say.

    I mean, if you and Acey want to hang out with irrational women, that's cool. I wouldn't stop you if I could! Enjoy, my little New Media Squirrel. Maybe you and your irrational woman can double date Spadilio and his irrational woman.

    Have fun; don't do anything I wouldn't do!