Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go, Senator Coburn, go!

by Smitty (h/t Bluegrass Pundit)

I'm nearly in tears. No joke. This guy bears consideration for President, if he's interested, and a straight-ahead draft as POTUS if he's not.

He has more grasp the Constitution, and what this country is really about, than just about anyone else I've heard currently holding public office.


  1. Yay Coburn! His positions aren't mine, quite, but so far he's definitely the lesser weevil.

    Utterly shameless blogwhoring:

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  2. Not only is he spot-on, but notice how politely he stays with the lady who wants "single-payer" too. No cell phone calls, no yelling at her, no telling her she's like talking to a table ... he's just straight-up honest, patient, and sincerely listens to her concerns.

  3. I like Coburn, but he dodged the issue a little bit. He asked the lady where in the constitution was the authority for the federal government to take over health care. She came back that we already have Medicare and Medicaid. His response was that they are going bankrupt. True enough, but unresponsive to her point that if Medicare/Medicaid is constitutional, why not the rest of it. The right answer is that Medicare/Medicaid is also unconstitutional, but that it a tough position for a politician to take, so he dodged.

  4. @Anon Y. Mous,
    You raise the excellent precedent question. Once FDR and LBJ had their way with Federalism, what to do with the by-blows?

    Smitty-politti would argue that there needs to be about a decade-long window after which the States shall be picking up the data and responsibilities for their citizens.

    You can't flip a switch and disenfranchise people, but you can offer a transition plan to social programs that are responsive to those paying for them, and funded sanely. Our current menu of entitlements are neither.

    More thoughts here.

  5. as a libertarian i like a lot of the statements that i have heard from him.

  6. I have thought for a while that Republicans need to get beyond the Palin/Huckabee/Romney myopia for the 2012 candidate. Coburn needs to be on any short-list.

  7. It's nice to hear from someone who is actually a Doctor on the subject of Health Care Reform.

    In a way, it's tough to be from Oklahoma, because this state is so reliably Republican, yet has so few electoral votes (7), that we hardly have any sway nationally...but as depresing as that might be, every now and then, I get to say, "That's MY Senator!"

    The nickname that others have given him as an attempt to insult, he has embraced, so I say "Rock on, Dr. No"

  8. DanB:

    It is indeed a pleasure to say "That's MY Senator".

    If we get the right governor and attorney general in 2010, we might punch above our weight in the state sovereignty action.

  9. I'd love to see Coburn run for President. Both he and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels understand conservative principles and have the courage to stick to those principles as well as being able to articulate them in a way people understand.

  10. Coburn is a jerk. RESPONSIBLE & Hard Working people cannot control annual rising costs of insurance premium, co-pays and deductables. Nor coverage caps, or diminishing benefits.
    I can't beleive the man was a medical doctor. He has about as much compassion as a Rock.

    Coburn was wrong about other Countries rationing care. I watched C-Span the other night and Canadians were calling raving about how wonderful their health care system is. Canada spend about half of what we spend on heath care and we don't even cover all Americans.