Monday, August 10, 2009

'They have a Nazi collaborator -- literally'

So said Chairman Ann, in reference to left-wing Sugar Daddy George Soros, during an interview with Glenn Beck, when the subject was Rush Limbaugh's CPAC speech:

"Right-wing and conservative power has always bubbled up from the bottom. . . . It's always been bottom-up. Not with the Democrats. Oh, no. They have a Nazi collaborator -- literally -- international financier George Soros funding their phony 'grassroots' organizations."
-- Ann Coulter, March 2, 2009
This video was turned up by Myers The Blog Intern, while he was researching a post about "Death Panels," Pelosi's "swastikas," Limbaugh, Robert Gibbs, et cetera. Myers also just dug up this quote from Chairman Ann's interview last month with Sean Hannity:
"You can see [President Obama is] becoming unhinged because the media has totally, totally built this guy up . . . He swats a fly, and they're all, you know, hyperventilating. Now, meanwhile, look how he acted to his critics, to you, to Rush Limbaugh. He lashes out at Rush Limbaugh and tells Democrats don't listen to this guy. . . . [I]f this guy is so upset by criticism from people who are on the opposite side of the spectrum, what's going to happen as these polls as inevitably will happen start to fall on him as Americans realize that oh, he really is a liberal, it's not just a charming speech maker."
-- Ann Coulter, July 22
A thorough fellow, this young Myers. Friday night, he survived The Electric Kool-Aid Blog Intern Acid Test -- dinner with Miss Coulter -- and Sunday, he survived an even more important trial, dinner with Mrs. Other McCain.

What's weird is that this guy wasn't the intern I asked for. I was quite specific in my memo to VRWC-HQ that they should send me a Christina Hendricks lookalike. However, considering Myers is willing to work for nothing but the occasional Klondike Bar, I probably shouldn't complain.

As long as the tip-jar hitters fork over enough cash . . . this dude can really put away the Klondike Bars.


  1. Not relating to this story but just because the left wing nutcases shouldn't go unaswered (hit em back hard and everytime) this is what "Michelle" and her nutty friends said last week on this blog:
    "Palin fled Alaska on a red eye to flee to a compund escape arrest"
    In contradiction that post we saw "Palin has been ordered not to leave Alaska" and finally (the iceberg) "tick tick-the ADN will publish the report which will destroy Palin"
    Nah-didn't happen-what can we expect this week Michelle.

  2. Well, you could try getting Myers to put on a red wig and a slinky dress...nah, that's not gonna work.

  3. So what did George Soros do for the NAZI's? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. What is it with you and your boytoys?

  5. This just in! Palin is a MAN!!!!

  6. You don't know just what is going on with Palin!

    The fact is, Palin actually blew up the WTC, faked the Moon landing, and assassinated JFK!

    In two days, the truth about these will come out!

  7. What will it take for Obama to be labelled what he really is......socialist?
    And when did we American's begin to consider socialism as a good thing?

  8. So he's not the intern you were waiting for?

    I'm guessing that Mrs. the other McCain intercepted the intern requisition memo.
    (why tempt you needlessly?)

    The blog intern did very well imo. so do you btw.

  9. I like your tune, but it needs more "Speedo"....

  10. You have no right to resort to personal attacks on Jesse Griffin!!!

    As will soon be revealed, not only is Willow Palin the mother of Trig...

    SATAN is the father!

    Trig Palin is the ANTICHRIST!!!!

    You yourselves will be aware of this when Gryphen finishes his exclusive!!!!

  11. Worse yet, a new exclusive will reveal that it was PALIN WHO DROPPED ME ON MY HEAD AS A BABY!!!!!

  12. You wingnuts don't know what is coming down the pike!!!!

    Sarah Palin is a WEREWOLF, and the rest of her family are werewolves as well!!!!

    They were MURDERING the real wolves of Alaska in order to make room for their Satanic breed!!!!!!

    (Come on, people, feel free to join in). :)

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  14. So what does RSM think of Coulter's libel? The fact that he posted it and patted his intern on the head for fetching it suggests he likes it.

  15. "So what does RSM think of Coulter's libel?"

    I think that if you have a problem with Miss Coulter's description of the wartime adventures of George Soros, you should take that up with Miss Coulter.

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