Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Ann Coulter: Thank you, ma'am

Chairman Ann eviscerates Kathleen Parker:
Fresh off her mainstream media tour as a Sarah Palin-hating "conservative," Parker is now a self-proclaimed Southerner blaming opposition to Obama's policies on the region's reputed racism.
Uncannily, this claim struck a chord with Northern liberals!
Throughout the presidential campaign last year, liberals were champing at the bit to accuse Americans of racism for not supporting Barack Obama.
Inasmuch as Obama was just elected and his policies have turned out to be the most left-wing the country has ever seen, it wasn't going to be easy to claim the electorate suddenly decided they didn't like the mammoth spending bills or socialist health care bills because they just noticed Obama is black. But Kathleen Parker has leapt into the fray to explain that the opposition to Obama's agenda is pure Southern racism. And she's from the South, so it must be true!
As she put it on Chris Matthews' "Hardball": "One word, Chris -- one word. 'Confederacy.' . . . I want to make that clear, too, because I'm not bashing Southerners."
No, she was certainly not bashing Southerners. This she made clear in her Washington Post column calling for the Republican Party to "drive a stake through the heart of old Dixie."
How one gets from "we don't want socialized medicine" to "we hate black people" was a tough equation. As my algebra teacher used to say: "Please show your work." . . .
Be sure to read the whole thing. Because Chairman Ann is from Connecticut, I'd always thought of her as a Yankee, until she revealed that her late mother was a Martin from Kentucky. I've told Ann she needs to get together whatever geneaological records she can find and get in touch with the United Daughters of the Confederacy. I'm sure there must be rebels somewhere in her family tree. She's just too good to be all Yankee.

(Note to offended Yankees: My wife's from Ohio, so back off with that "we won the war" stuff. If y'all won the war, how come I'm sleeping with your best-looking woman?)


  1. It's because your wife found some Yankee blood in you....

  2. "Note to offended Yankees: My wife's from Ohio, so back off with that "we won the war" stuff."

    Stacy, they only won the LAST war! :)

  3. Oww! Soda pop thru my nose! "If ya'll won the war, how come I'm sleeping with your best looking woman?" I will be LMAO for the rest of the day!

    Thanks for everything!

  4. Ohio? Years ago, Michigan and Ohio went to war over the strip of land now known as Toledo.

    Make no mistake. Michigan won.

  5. Stacy, you and Ann ain't just whistlin' Dixie!

  6. How delightful to hear someone correctly use the expression, "champing at the bit". Far too many still say "chomping". Proving, some people will eat almost anything!

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