Monday, August 10, 2009

Rep. King: Democrats 'declare that you can't call it a Democrat health care plan'

Republican congressional mail to constituents is being censored, say Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa):

(Via Washington News Observer.)


  1. Steve King usually pulls no punches. He's the lone Iowan republican that gets it. I hope he runs against Grassley when that primary comes up. Grassley is out of his mind. He says he knows better than we do. Arrogant SOB. He's the same idiot that said the heads of the banks should commit seppuku.

  2. ...systematic deconstruction of deliberative democracy in the United States of America

    And that, my fellow Americans, is a good definition of Progressivism.


    My hope is that the Tea Party Express can help build us to a historic Article V moment.

    Hey, you know, if the rest of the world wants to live like cowed dogs, that is their prerogative. Here in the U.S. of effin-A we need to:
    --build to the 9/12 moment, a mere month away,
    --roll right through the NJ/VA gubernatorial race in November,
    --pick up steam celebrating the original revolt against attempts to govern this country via applied asshattery in December,
    --and roll right into the 2010 races, load-shedding every anti-Constitutional member of the Congress That Shall Live in Infamy.

    That Constitution begins "We the People", not "We the Peons", and the Trotsky Trio of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi need some ballot box lessons in what that means.

  3. Hey Smitty:
    More likely the rest of the world wishes to be treated as farm animals. Excellent quotes and sources.