Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recent stuff that just randomly happened

Among the people randomly chosen to ask questions at an Obama town-hall meeting in New Hampshire was 11-year-old Julia Hall, whose mom just happens to be a big-deal tort lawyer who has given big bucks to Democrat. Also, in similarly random fashion, Julia Hall's mom, Kathleen Manning Hall was on the New England Finance and Steering Committee for Barack Obama and a coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama. And in another completely random occurrence, Mrs. Manning Hall was sitting right next to little Julie at the town hall meeting. People who were randomly surfing Facebook noticed that Mrs. Manning Hall's profile picture showed her standing next to Barack Obama.

These entirely unrelated coincidences were "surreal," Mrs. Manning Hall explained to the Boston Globe.

Meanwhile, in another "surreal" chain of coincidences, on p. 291 of Michelle Malkin's latest book, Culture of Corruption, the author thanks "Robert Stacy McCain, fellow ink-stained wretch-turned blogger" who she says "provided invaluable writerly advice." In one of those totally random sort of things that happen routinely, Mr. McCain subsequently pronounces Mrs. Malkin's most venture the "Best. Book. Evah!" and it becomes a No. 1 New York Times bestseller.

Also -- kismet! -- New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter and Eagle Publishing president Jeff Carneal were hanging out Friday at a D.C. restaurant with Mr. McCain. At 6:45 a.m. Monday, Miss Coulter posted this on the sidebar of her Web site:
One of Sarah Palin's Harassers Exposed - 'Mommy, Why Does My Kindergarten Teacher Lie About Sarah Palin?'
Shortly thereafter, Miss Coulter's Web site was honored by Mr. McCain with "The Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around Award" and at 9:20 a.m., the very next day, Miss Coulter posted on her sidebar:
BLOG POST OF THE DAY! - Unlike Ross Douthat, Ann Coulter is not a stuck-up Harvard douchebag
Some may speculate that Miss Coulter and Mrs. Malkin -- who, as luck would have it, are both nationally syndicated newspaper columnists -- could soon take notice of the latest news about anti-Palin blogger Jesse Griffin, which just happens to be linked in the Hot Air Green Room.

But random coincidences are hard to predict . . .


  1. Yep, jsut out of the blue, because we know liberals aren't Stalinists in the least.

    This is the same kind of happenstance that occurred during the marvelous CNN Republican debate, where, amazingly, all the questioners just happened to have Democrat ties and all hammered Republicans from the left.

    It just happens naturally.

  2. Did you get me Ann's phone number?