Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whenever important bloggers gather . . .

. . . I'm not invited. Two weeks ago, I was not invited to the Red State Gathering in Atlanta. This week's big blog shindig to which I am not invited is Right Online in Pittsburgh.

Ed Morrissey is a featured speaker at Right Online and Twitters who he's hanging out with in Pittsburgh:
Having dinner with ... um .... everone. @ewerickson, @saorendayton, @boteleprompter, @E_lizabethCrum, @oetaxpayer, @johnhawkinsrwn

Also at dinner: @seanhackbarth, not eating.

Hey, @katiefavazza just showed up, kind of like my AIP columns ... just a wee bit late. ;-)
Right Online is organized by Americans For Prosperity, which assigned Eric Telford not to invite me.

Telford, who's every bit of 26 years old, probably thinks I was only joking about driving to Pittsburgh and whupping his impudent young ass. And probably I was.

On the other hand, I just did a Mapquest (184 mi – about 3 hours 11 mins) to the Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square Hotel, and I've been known to do far crazier things than drive two hours -- hey, I drive fast -- for the pleasure of laying a long-overdue ass-whupping on an arrogant sumbitch who did me wrong.

If only I had enough gas money . . . but nobody loves me, because my blog sucks.


  1. Quit yer whinin' :-) Once again I wasn't invited either so do what I do drink heavily and cry yourself to sleep.

  2. Quit yer whinin'

    Don't push me, Chad. I could be there before breakfast, and Telford would be the one whining. About his lack of front teeth . . .

  3. Yeah, sure - like he has front teeth anyway!

    So, who are these people anyway? I know the Cap'n, obviously, and Erickson and Hawkins are ubiquitous enough to be beyond ignoring. I presume this Katiefizzoli or whatever is following the tried and true path to success of being a hot chick who is not a complete liberal idiot in the proven manner of Coulter, Ham, and Fiano. The rest? Dunno, must be the sort who view a week in Pittsburgh without Steelers tickets as some sort of prize.

    What was second prize? TWO weeks?

    I would weigh against an uninvited and uncompensated journey to a place so near to Murtha for the sole purpose of beating the little twerp's ass (although I should not be construed as criticizing that operation on its particular merits).

    First of all, you would bring more publicity to the very sort of "exclusive" geekfest which excludes the more substantive among the blogging right. Secondly, the tyke's Mommy will be mightily pissed off, and will harass you mercilessly in retribution for whomping and humiliating her Little Precious. Thirdly, at the end of the day you will still be in Pittsburgh sans Steelers tickets. You really need to pick fights with those who hold their confabs in the Virgin Islands or Hawaii.

    Better you should simply humiliate the little sh*t online, taunting him until he offers shrubbery in tribute while researching his mother's bio to see if some decrepit derelict pal may have banged her in the '80s and could, in fact, be his Daddy.

  4. You should have gone up Thursday night to watch the Steelers' exhibition game. Then take a player to the meeting as your enforcer.

  5. Have a Primanti's sangwich for me!

  6. C-SPAN broadcast last night from Pittsburg the Netroots Convention with obscene union presentations, DailyKos kid advancing methods of thieving, and Bill Clinton's own address.

    So Keith Olbermann's award winning Ed Morrissey is rubbing elbows in Pittsburg.

  7. Ohhhhh, poor little guy.

  8. Nobody invited me either, for what it's worth.

  9. I wish you would go and use Telford as a warm-up for the person who needs the biggest ass whuppin': GROVER NORQUIST, who will be speaking.

  10. Correction: I was invited to both, just missed the e-mails in all the spam.

  11. Don't push me, Chad. I could be there before breakfast, and Telford would be the one whining. About his lack of front teeth . . .

    Go for it. I have noticed a disturbing trend among right wing bloggers. They are starting to become exclusionary. Pretty quick they are going to be as elitist as Noonan, Buckley et. al. Crash the party.

  12. Perhaps you should try getting some advertisers.