Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gets Personal With Anti-Palin Blogger

I'm just crazy. Dan Riehl is from New Jersey. There is a difference:
You do remember Arnetha right, Jessi. Griffin, right? Your brother Joe's wife, based upon the records I've seen. You'd think a caring guy like you would have spent more time worrying about his own family, instead of the Palin family -- besides indulging young Heather in all the sex talk you bragged about, I mean. Kyle and his felonies, a sister-in-law graduated from kiting checks in Alaska to pumping out teen killers back in the hood. Sure sounds to me like Jesse has enough problems with own family instead of obsessing so much over what another one does. But, eh, maybe it was racism that allowed him to forget Arnetha so easily, so as to not mention her on his blog.
Read the whole thing, if you think you can handle it. Before you accuse Dan Riehl of unnecessary cruelty, remember: Well, off to Pittsburgh. Pity the vicious moonbat who ever doubts Dan Riehl's research abilities.
Look for updates at RIEHL WORLD VIEW.


  1. And you are actually OK with this? It's bad enough that Riehl has attempted to paint Griffin as a child molester (and has now flat out called him a pervert) but now he wants to link him with an assault where Griffin actually expresses sympathy for the victim via a murder that, from what I can tell, Griffin had no actual connection to.

  2. Chad,

    Get back to polishing those liberal knobs boy....

  3. @Chad,
    Your response to Anonymous is in the queue, and will await RSM review.

    I'm totally Swiss on the issue. Your point would have more weight if the treatment of Griffin wasn't
    (a) strictly factual, and
    (b) justice from the court of public opinion.
    That said, it's far too National Enquirer for my personal taste.

    RSM and DR went to some pains to verify their facts and give Griffin offramps from his 'highway to hell', and Griffin responded to doubling down on dumb. If Griffin was a victim, failure to extend sympathy to him would be blaming the victim.

    Your point, Chad, seems a noble caution to avoid becoming what we despise. And that is wisdom to hold close.

  4. You don't have to post my response to anonymous. As you can tell I was pretty frickin pissed when I wrote it but I am over it now.
    Your point, Chad, seems a noble caution to avoid becoming what we despise. And that is wisdom to hold close.

    That is part of it. Fighting fire with fire works up to a point but then it becomes counterproductive. The other part of it is this - I believe that we, as both conservatives and as conservative bloggers, lose credibility when we start smearing people without proof and we need all the credibility we can get if we want to take back congress and the white house.

    As I have said before I don't have a problem with taking Griffin to task for what he has written and destroying his credibility. I do think Riehl has crossed the line and I have posted that at his site also. I do have a problem with claiming that Riehl's treatment of this is strictly factual especially given this disclaimer on his post of today:

    You do remember Arnetha right, Jessi. Griffin, right? Your brother Joe's wife, based upon the records I've seen.


    Update: Someone emailed to say Arnetha wasn't married to that Griffin, but another Griffin. I don't know. I'm only posting that which was provided by Joe Culligan at Web of Deception. Jesse can always clarify, or take it up with Culligan. In any event, as he's never shown himself to care much about the difference between rumor and fact, and I have no way of determing what's what at this point, I have no reason to suspect Jesse minds. He hasn't emailed for a correction in any event.

    Riehl himself admits he doesn't know if his allegation is factual but that isn't stopping him from making them. I can't really make any meaningful impact on either this sites or Riehl's postings all I can do is compliment when I agree (which I have done quite often) or complain when I disagree, which seems to be occuring more frequently as this Griffin thing drags out. I suppose at some point you guys will get tired of me or the griffin issue will die out and all this will fade away but until one of those two things happens I will probably continue to be a loud annoyance.

    Note - I am not accusing anyone on this blog of intentionally smearing Griffin, but I think the continued positive linkage to Riehl encourages him to do so.

  5. I don't know if Riehl's right or wrong, but he sure is upset. I hope it works out for the best - Griffin has worked hard to earn the scorn.
    HappyGene on the road

  6. Had a few comments in regards to conversation in the comments above. I have been following the Gryphen/Griffin story...which started with a great scoop, story and collaborating. I am not a blogger, but am interested in seeing how bloggers with journalistic bona fides work in this "Brave New World" so to speak.

    Above Chad remarks regarding taking back the WH and Congress. I don't see how this enters into following a story where it leads unless that is the blogger's goal. It is not my impression that that is Dan Riehl's goal as a blogger, although clearly he is not a Pres. Obama fan.

    One reason why I was so interested in this story was because it appeared to me to be one in which blog/press was the working a breaking story as opposed to deciding which story to chose to achieve a political outcome.

    I will be interested to see where Riehl now goes with this story....and where RSMcCain goes with it.

    In other words as a conservative, I am interested in a free press. Period.

  7. Dear Dan Riehl:

    I am Arnetha Warrior-Griffin I do not know Jesse Griffin and I have never heard of him
    until I googled my name and found your article.
    I am not married to his brother Bob I do not no
    these people. So please make a correction in your article please. I have suffered enough
    pain in my life.

    Arnetha Warrior-Griffin