Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feeling bad, somewhere near the left shoulder blade

by Smitty (h/t HuffPo)

A deal with Switzerland settling U.S. demands for the names of suspected tax dodgers from a Swiss bank has a lot of wealthy Americans with offshore accounts nervously running to their tax advisers -- and the Internal Revenue Service.

"They are very frightened," said Richard Boggs, chief executive of Nationwide Tax Relief, a Los-Angeles-based tax firm that specializes in clients with tax debts exceeding $100,000. "You have the super rich who are not used to being pushed around and they are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory."
Reached for comment, Throckmorton Q. Bugglethwiddy blended panic and fury:
"Biff assured me that the fix was in!
  • We made all of the right contributions at campaign time.
  • We sucked it up on the mortgage cramdown.
  • We took a bath on the General Motors debt.
  • We didn't blow the lid off the deal when Waxman-Markey went south.
  • We even bought every stupid feature in Oprah's book club.
Is Biff an idiot? Is he double-crossing me? I knew I should have never let him marry Taylor, and trusted him to run things.

The Sixteenth Amendment was a fine game, as long as only the little people really felt the bite. It's turning into ancient Rome. Who do they think I am, Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

Why, oh why, did I fund that 527 Organization to help elect that joker? I've been such a fool."

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