Friday, August 14, 2009

The Anchorage Daily News Has No Shame

Nor class, nor an editor who has any respect for the decency of his readers, and if there hasn't been a wave of canceled subscriptions since Aug. 1, it can only mean that Alaskans are too stupid to know when they've been insulted.

In his continuing investigation of the "Gryphen"/Griffin saga, Dan Riehl took a look an Aug. 1 ADN column by Julia O'Malley. Dan notices that, O'Malley's fawning column about deadbeat baby-daddy Levi Johnston (a/k/a, "Ricky Hollywood") included a mention of his then-pending trip to New York for a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Curiously enough, early that same morning of Aug. 1, when the kindergarten-teaching amateur pornography enthusiast Jesse Griffin posted his "Splitsville" piece about the Palins, it included this:

And while I am on the topic of Levi I will also let you know that he did a very interesting Vanity Fair interview in which he divulged a lot of heretofore unknown information. I did not get too many of the juicy details, but my understanding is that Levi was without his handler (Tank Jones) and let some fairly explosive tidbits out. The article will be published in the October edition.
So, on Saturday, Aug. 1, both O'Malley and Griffin were excited about Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair interview. Perhaps mere coincidence, of course. But notice a couple of other things in the same "Gryphen" post:

Now nothing written above should be considered a rumor. My source is very good and I trust that the information is accurate and will be confirmed by other news sources in the weeks to come. . . .
I anticipate much more of this kind of confirmation filtering in as the day goes on. . . . (Emphasis added.)
And then, in his foolish e-mail to Dan:

By the way watch the local Alaskan papers closely for the next week, you may learn something.
That e-mail piqued my curiosity at the time: How does an irresponsible PDS Trig Truther moonbat blogger like Griffin know what stories are going to be in "the local Alaskan papers" in the next week? One of two scenarios would explain this:

  1. Jesse has sources in the local media, who are telling him what stories they're working on; or
  2. Jesse's sources are also peddling their gossip to local reporters, then telling Jesse about the dirt they're dishing (i.e., "Yeah, wait 'til you see this one . . . The reporter seemed really interested when I told him . . .")
However, giving Griffin's habitual dishonesty, we ought not discount a third possible explanation:
3. Jesse Griffin is totally full of crap and is once again, as one of my best sources said, "making stuff up."
So while it is certainly possible that O'Malley or someone else in the ADN newsroom is talking shop with anti-Palin moonbat bloggers, feeding them tips about rumors that their editors won't let them put in the paper, we can't base such speculation on the word of a notorious liar like Jesse Griffin. Every word Griffin writes is a lie, including "and" and "the," to borrow Mary McCarthy's famous putdown of crypto-commie Lillian Hellman.

Assuming that Griffin has sources other than the voices in his head, there is no particular reason to suspect that O'Malley is one of them. It is far more likely that his libelous smears are based on conversations with someone in the Johnston family orbit, perhaps Rex Butler -- whose name was notably missing from the list of people whom Griffin recently denied as being his sources.

Be that as it may, I have temporarily lost interest in Griffin and have now taken a sudden and keen interest in Julia O'Malley and her editors at the Anchorage Daily News.

If you've read this far, do me a favor: Go grab the text from O'Malley's Aug. 1 column, cut and paste it into a Word document, put it into an easy-to-read font and print it out. (Which is what I did last night.) Then come back to this post in a few hours, when I'll update with a critical examination of O'Malley's journalistic fellatio of Levi Johnston.

Oh, yeah: Dan had insinuated that O'Malley's interest in Johnston might be romantic or even possibly erotic. However, sources tell me that this is unlikely, as O'Malley is believed to be "playing for the other team." IYKWIMAITYD.


Come back for the update . . .

UPDATE 3:20 p.m.: My apology for the delay in my promised evisceration of Ms. O'Malley and the ADN, but other urgent matters required my immediate attention. After a decade in D.C., I learned the danger of allowing myself to be insulted without adequate response, so when I saw I had received an e-mail from a fellow who once did everything in his power to destroy me . . .
How to Reply to a Fool (If You Must)

Please read that, and accept my apology for this unexpected delay in providing the slow, painful dissection of Ms. O'Malley's hagiographic Levi Johnston column. Sometimes a man must break a promise in order to keep a vow.

Ms. O'Malley will have her turn in due time. Please hit the tip jar.


  1. It's not a question of honor I think they are just trying for the Million Hits.

    After all consider this. I put up two posts today. One is kinda a rule 5 post on Porn Parodies. An hour later I put up one on Sarah Palin's new facebook response and her leading the dems like a lamb to slaughter.

    The Sarah post has generated over 50 times the traffic as the porn one.

    That's how big a draw Palin is, she is 50 times more popular than porn.

  2. I don't know about a 'wave of cancellations since August 1', I do know there were consistent cancellations in many months prior to former Governor Palin's resignation speech of July 3.

    Ours was done by phone and we gave our reason: The continuous slamming, hostile reporting of our (then) Governor Palin and her family. We were told by the person on the other end of the phone that we were not the first, that this person fully understood our anger. Then (never let it be said that commercialism is dead!) we were offered a 'special' deal. The Wednesday (ad day), Saturday and Sunday (another ad day) for a tremendous deal! $1.00/week for 13 weeks!!

    I suspect the ADN may wish like heck that Sarah was still the governor. McClatchy is watching the profits disappear with the end of Sarah's time in office.

    It was easier for them to join in rather than be the good guys and JUST REPORT THE NEWS. It is always about the money, isn't it?

  3. "That's how big a draw Palin is, she is 50 times more popular than porn."

    Then you must find actual Palin porn and boost your ratings to the ionosphere.

    I will do my part to provide clicks.

  4. "Tell me when strangers start recognizing you," I whispered to Levi Johnston in the noisy foyer of Glacier Brew House last week. He lifted his chin and let it fall in agreement but didn't make eye contact. "Most of the time," he said, "they just stare."

    That is as far as I could make it before tasting vomit! I'll take your word for what the rest of this article states Mr. McCain. I only hope that Levi thinks about Proverbs 13:18 before he ends up in the waste bin of society: “He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored”.

  5. O'Malley's Levi Johnston piece was pretty annoying. And ADN is obnoxious on the whole. We stopped subscribing after years of seeing editorials as news stories on the front page. A wolf in sheep's clothing.
    They just ran a story about the healthcare protesters that was so full of editorializing I almost couldn't believe it was a news story.

  6. What person and money is behind Palin Deception blog and website?

    Edited and updated, Jan. 20.

    Audrey is from ... Charlottesville, Va. Thanks to an e-mail tipster.

    Audrey has a profile on Zimbio, and has been posting copies of Palin's Deception blog info since September, apparently.

    Why she has no problem posting her city of residence there, and not on her blog or her website, I don't know.

  7. "Sources tell me..."

    LOL. Just read her columns. O'Malley has been out in Anchorage and in the ADN for years.

    Which makes Riehl's choice of theme for his slurs pretty ignorant. But I think it does demonstrate very convincingly that he has a strongly mysogynistic mindset. If you think the way to argue with a woman is call her a slut...well, you hate women.

    Riehl once criticized Stark on live TV for a vulgar insult about Hannity. Yelling "blow job" over and over and over again at someone is definitely in the same league. Anyone who has to rely on obscenity to give his words impact has conceded intellectual defeat.

  8. Now Zimbio is reporting that scum bag Johnston will pose naked for the right price. His price is probably two dollars. What a creep.

  9. In case you were interested the final count at the end of the day was Palin was 22 times more popular, but I cheated I put a link to the porn post in an update to the Palin one.