Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hanson: Europe is Europe, Because America is Not?

by Smitty

(emphasis mine, but avail yourself of the full monty)
No, Europe should not only not be our model, but Euros know it should not be our model. A few brilliant Europeans whisper, "Of course, it is lost here, since no addict insidiously hooked on government entitlement ever gives such largess up. But you over there still have a chance." For a few Europeans, America’s military (drawing on fewer people and less territory and GDP than the expanded EU) is the only hope for Western defense. It's where most life-saving drugs will emerge, new technologies are birthed, and huge sophisticated markets grow for European goods. So they have a stake in not allowing us to become like them.
That last bit about doctors recalls Roger L. Simon's latest outing, which is also worthy of your consideration. Simon discusses the problem from the other direction.

And I don't buy the whole Europe is Melniboné argument. Granted, you need some clever plan to transition the populace from Egypt to Canaan. Something that allows the existing system to run in parallel with a voluntary capitalistic system for a time period, an Exodus, if you will. Will. That is the problem, not intellect.

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