Friday, August 14, 2009

Awww! Senate Drops 'Death Panel' Provision We Were Told Didn't Exist

Even though I should be encouraged by this news -- because it means Sarah Palin was right -- in fact, I'm profoundly disappointed.

Why? Because my sources say that if the bill had passed with the "death panel" provision, Sarah Palin had been planning, after being elected president in 2012, to put Ann Coulter in charge of the Death List.

(Ann, please promise Stogie and me that Kathleen Parker is on your Death List. Not even Erik Telford is more deserving of a do-not-resuscitate order than a phony scalawag from Winter Haven, Fla.)


  1. wow let's be brave and sic the frothing socons on any one thats not pure! Hell, the woman KP tried to think through a number of issues and doesn't like Palin! Lynch the bitch and keep pushing our unstable members to take their guns and medication free psychs to townhall meetings. Nothing bad can happen, right?

  2. Winter Haven must be the Austin of Florida.

  3. It would be cooler if the Senate would let drop a Constitutional amendment describing exactly how it feels empowered to tamper with individuals.

  4. Can not be! Your coblogger's cuz and "leader" of the Senate GOP said it never was there! How do you take something out that never was in?
    Could you get one of your lefty sources to jave John explain this to a dumb Marine.

    an old exJarhead
    Cerritos, Cal

  5. Just politics. It was taken out now so that the pill can go down easier. It will be added back later after the major overhaul passes.

  6. Ah, the White Queen. Woe be unto those who incur her wrath!

  7. I love the idea of Ann Coulter being manager of the Death List!

  8. You do know that the provision in question was added by Charles Boustany (R), Louisiana, right? It has also been codified in federal law since 1990. How many poor grandparents have we lost to the evil Boustany?

  9. We could all make up our own list, but that would end up with us being on the Big Brother list for becoming the little green pill :(

  10. First, it appears our first poster is unfamiliar with our host's robust sense of humor.


    "She tried and failed?"
    "No, she tried and died."

    Third, I still say nuke the entire bill from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  11. Mr. Excrement

    It always comes back to the republicans.

    You dummy.

  12. Can someone ask Murkowski about her "making stuff up" comments? Apparently the good Senator didn't know what was in the bill. Or perhaps she did and she was simply taking the opportunity to get in a cheap shot to keep her Senate seat, should Palin decide to run for it. Or perhaps she is simply unconcerned about the provisions of the bill. Or perhaps she was simply retaliating for Palin's unseating of her father.

    All of these MAY be good reasons for taking a cheap shot. Any of these ARE good reasons for Alaska choosing a different Senator.