Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dan Riehl Has Questions for Jesse Griffin

"Answer the questions, creep. That's all I have to say to, or about him today. Why hasn't he done it? All I can imagine is, he can't. . . . If someone calls you a complete fraud with plenty of evidence to back up the claim and all you can do is chirp like a cricket during a heavy rain, well, I guess that makes you a fraud."
-- Dan Riehl to Jesse Griffin

When this confrontation over "Gryphen" and his "Immoral Minority" blog began, Jesse Griffin actually sent Dan Riehl e-mails. But when Dan started asking well-informed questions, Griffin stopped e-mailing and, eventually, told his readers to ignore Riehl World View and other critical blogs.

Why? The facts have always been on Dan's side, and Griffin doesn't want to confront the facts. When I spoke to Dan this afternoon, he told me he felt like taking things easy for a day or so, and that's cool.

Thanks to all the folks who have hit the tip jar. Today I got not only a tip, but a tip from an old buddy down Atlanta way. A guy I went to high school with was the one who suggested I pick up on the Paglia-Pelosi item, which had the happy benefit of reminding me to check in with my friend Cynthia Yockey.

My wife gets annoyed by my reliance on the tip jar. I've always been proud to say "I Write For Money" (i.e., I am a professional writer) but the transparency of the tip-jar solicitation method . . . well, isn't that begging? Nah. I'm just eliminating the middle man, creating a direct market nexus between the reader and the writer. . . .

I'll be back to add more in a few minutes, but one of my 16-year-old sons just called to say he's off work, so I've got to go pick him up. In the meantime, I'd like to dedicate a song to a generous tip-jar hitting lady in California. Alison, this one's for you!

UPDATE 1:45 a.m.: When I got back from picking up my son, I saw that Allah had linked Sarah Palin's response to Obama at Hot Air Headlines, so I posted the whole thing. To serve unbidden, unrecompensed and without thanks is the conservative's fate in this evil age.

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