Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Palins Are Getting Divorced,
As Are Mrs. Other McCain and I

(BUMPED; SEE UPDATES BELOW.) Also, it's entirely possible that George W. and Laura Bush -- perhaps even George H.W. and Barbara Bush -- are heading for "Splitsville," if we accept such "proof" as we find in the latest edition of Star magazine:
"Sarah and Todd are fighting all the time," Mercede Johnston — sister of Levi Johnston, ex-boyfriend of Sarah's eldest daughter, Bristol — tells Star in an exclusive interview. "When they do, Todd often ends up sleeping on the couch at their home in Wasilla. Bristol used to tell Levi that her parents would argue and bicker over the littlest things, like who was supposed to take out the trash or wash the dishes."
Levi, the father of Bristol's 7-month-old son, Tripp, recently told that Sarah and Todd have had marital trouble "from day one," and that he believed their escalating problems were the reason behind her mysterious decision to resign as governor of Alaska last month with more than a year left in her term.
His sister Mercede predicts: "If they ended their marriage within the next year, I wouldn't be surprised at all. It really seems to me their marriage is just a sham for the cameras now!"
Ri-iiiight. The trashy sister of that scumsucking vermin Levi Johnston (a/k/a "Ricky Hollywood" ) is such an expert on marriage, y'know.

Feel free to ask Mrs. Other McCain how recently -- and if memory serves, it was week before last -- she gave me the kind of spousal ultimatum that involves an offer to help me pack my bags. We've made it past the 20-year mark, and I'm determined to hold true to my vow of "till death do us part," even if sometimes Mrs. Other McCain also helpfully offers to assist me with the "death" part.

Hang in there, Todd and Sarah: I put my journalistic credibility on the line for you. Like I said this morning:
I don't care if Todd Palin hikes the Appalachian Trail to Argentina or Sarah Palin flies to Vegas and spends Labor Day weekend with the Chippendales dancers. As long as the Palins don't get a divorce, the continuation of their marriage proves that Jesse Griffin is a liar, Dennis Zaki is a floppy-shoed clown, and I'm solid gold, baby.
Think of the children! (And me, of course.) Also, everybody needs to hit the tip jar today, just to remind my wife what a solid-gold guy she married.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: Jesse Griffin denies having anything to do with the Star story:
It looks like Mercede has been talking to them again. And just to put the potential rumor to rest Mercede is NOT one of my sources.
He thus denies an accusation no one ever made. But "Gryphen" already told us who his sources are:
The operator of the Immoral Minority blog admits that he is in regular contact with one Rex Butler and Tank Jones. Rex Butler is the high-priced attorney who is handling legal issues for the Johnston family.
The Rex Butler/Tank Jones angle, of course, leads straight to "Ricky Hollywood," and it looks like the whole grubby Johnston clan is feeding at the same trough of slime:
Butler magically appeared in court to defend Sherry Johnston on her drug-dealing related arrest -- she originally was so broke she had to get a public defender.
Which, of course, leads directly to the Florida headquarters of . . . the Star:
How does Sherry Johnston afford an attorney like Rex Butler? How do the Johnstons get the money to zoom around the United States giving interviews? How do they pay their rent/mortgage or even the payments on Levi Johnston's truck . . .
Airplane tickets from Anchorage to Los Angeles and New York run a minimum of around $700 per person, and that doesn't include hotel stays and other transportation. Trips from Anchorage to Florida, where Mercede Johnston claimed (on Larry King's show) to have traveled in March, are running around $1200 round trip.
They have claimed on television that they are not receiving compensation for their appearances. So what gives? Levi has no job, his mother has no job, his sister has no job, so who is paying for this "Smear Palin" tour? If you recall the Larry King interview with the Johnstons, you will remember that Mercede Johnston mentioned that she had recently returned from Florida. Why Florida? Well, Florida is where Star Magazine has its headquarters. Hold on a second, Mercede gave an interview to Star Magazine!
You see? It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out: The Star is paying its sources, just like the Enquirer pays its sources, which creates a sort of commodity market for anti-Palin dirt in Alaska. As I said:
Meanwhile, here is Jesse Griffin, one of the left-wing Alaska blogospheric myrmidons who've spent the past 11 months trashing Palin online for the amusement of PDS-affected "progressives" worldwide. Now that Palin's resigned as governor and the spotlight has shifted, the blog-o-bucks are harder to get for the Alaskasphere, and everybody -- ex-staffers, "Ricky Hollywood," Griffin, his blog buddies -- is trying to cash in before the sell-by date expires on this dirt-dishing bonanza.
So what you're seeing here, as any Hayekian would surmise, is a final frenzy of activity before the closing bell on the Anchorage Slimeball Exchange.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m.: Oh, it keeps getting better and better, as Griffin updates to assist with the process of elimination that increasingly seems to point the finger at Butler and/or Jones:
Also I did not talk to either Mercede OR Levi before I made my post, and I called some of the other media outlets working this story and asked them if the Johnston family was one of their sources and they said no. So when the Palin-bots come after this family I am here to tell you it just another example of attacking the messenger instead of addressing the validity of the information.
Meanwhile, we learn that last October, Rex Butler was smearing Palin as a racist:
"Blacks don't have the levels of access to the governor and state commissioners as with past administrations," said attorney Rex Butler, an Alaska resident since 1983. "It seems the posture of (Palin's) administration with Blacks is: Don't need them—don’t worry about them."
I'm betting that Butler's financial status is not entirely opaque. Interesting things might turn up in that regard. "Means, motive, opportunity," as they say, and I wonder if the Alaska bar association might be interested in the question of whether Butler's been playing the role of a libel broker in the Anchorage Slimeball Exchange, in which Jesse Griffin seems to have been such an active participant. Keep updating, Jesse!

Expect further updates . . .


  1. Wow, you are wagering being Golden on a technicality? Sure Gryph is a FAT PIG for starting this topic & stupid for reporting on an divorce without actual papers filed but if YOU McCain had STFU along with Danny Boy NEVER EVER would Levi or his sister have had a lead in to sing about Palin's divorce.

    LMAO, as long as they don't get a divorce you are RIGHT? LMAO, Willow is right there in color drinking UNDERAGE you are wrong wrong wrong, no need for a state of AK seal on it.

    They would not have started this on their own so yet again YOUR insanity is what has caused Palin to become a Star Magazine front page.

    You DAMN WELL KNOW Palin will not threaten this tabloid with legal action.

    You know had you never started this crap with Immoral Minority the "Rumor" would have been last weeks news and BIG ASS THANKS TO YOU CPEE'ERS for keeping the vile exchanges going making this STORY interesting not to mention lucrative for Mercedes.

    You get it right? Had you SHUT THE HELL UP there would have not been bidding by tabloids toward the Johnstons for their exclusives, there would not have been this kindof excitment....YOU are the ones responsible for brining Palin down. YOU. Congratulations on being her worst enemy!!!

    No way Palin can explain not parenting one kid who was one knocked up and another at 13 throwing back VODKAS and SMOKING POT as seen in COLORED PICTURE(s) in/on cover of Star Magazine!!!

  2. Isabella, we all know Star magazine is such a paragon in the world of print...

    As well, you are a paragon in the world of blog comments.


  3. PFFT So much for your sources.

  4. Why is Isabella still here? And who cares. This story was debunked weeks ago and Levi is just another useful idiot who got sucked into the mire that is Hollywood. They'll be finished with him by Christmas. By that time he should have enough money to come up with child support.

  5. Isabella loves her some CAPS LOCK.

  6. The Star and other low browed rags of the same ilk can now print YOUR comment, ISABELLA. You personify the traits of their average reader.

    Not one RESPECTABLE journalist will EVER go to the likes of Mercede or Levi for accurate INFORMATION. They are PUBLICITY hogs.

    As for you ISABELLA, you really NEED to get that CapS loCK fixed!

  7. By the way, you guys HAVE TO GET OVER to and listen to those threatening calls. The second on is my favorite. At the end he gets a little excited kinda like the guys at the football game. Psych himself up kinda.

    And the third call makes me wonder who exactly is forming those militias.

  8. It look like the Johnston sister just stole the Zaki/Jesse lying points and repeated them to the tabloid.

    -Sleeping on the couch

    -Threw ring in the lake

    Levi, the father of Bristol's 7-month-old son, Tripp, recently told that Sarah and Todd have had marital trouble "from day one," and that he believed their escalating problems were the reason behind her mysterious decision to resign as governor of Alaska last month with more than a year left in her term.

    The only problem with that is he was already on one of the morning shows (I think GMA or TES) and "mumbled" she resigned to make money doing TV shows and stuff like that.

    Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

    And IZZY you NEED to STOP shovING your PILLS up your POOP SHOOT! They are for your mouth not your ANUS!

  9. Say hello to Rex Butler and his boytoy, Sherman "Tank" Jones.

    Strange that Jesse seems to have such a close relationship with Jones. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. ISABELLA, is our lovable laughingstock over at Dan's. I'm afraid the local free clinic must have run low on Methadone......seems someone's doing a little "jonesing"....jus' sayin".

  11. By the way I was also happy to hear "Tank" Jones receive that shout out from the Johnston family. Tank was the man who graciously answered my questions about Levi and let me know, and therefore all of you, that he was safe.

  12. The clown (Levi) apparently didn't realize that Palin already had a book deal when he claimed that Palin resigned to get a "book deal".

    LOL, I feel kinda sorry for the Palin's that they are connected to these kind of people.

  13. It is a great source of amusement to know that Jesse Griffin's sources seem to have been connected in one way or the other to a tabloid.

    That man is a buffoon. His ineptitude and foolishness will give me something to laugh about while I mow my lawn.

  14. Say it ain't so! Married people fight sometimes....who knew?
    Your comment about "spousal ultimatum" really made me laugh...yep, my husband and I have been married for 30 years and occasionally he too gets the drop dead routine.....and it's returned in kind occasionally too. Good grief, this must be why the divorce rate is so high...people really expect life to be a bed of roses. Gosh, I wonder where they got that idea?
    Poor Sarah Palin...because her daughter fell in love with human refuse Sarah is now stuck with the human gum on her shoe. Anyone that has grown kids knows all about the creepy girlfriend/boyfriend that sooner or later one of your precious children will drag home and shove in your face...then they wake up.

  15. Dan, the smear campaign against the Palins is far, wide and deep. Think David Axelrod in the beginning of August when Palin joined the ticket. He lit the match with the bloggers and left the fire to rage on.

    I'm sure there is a lot more money trail than that. These people are not going on Olbermann or flying to NY on their own dime. That's for sure.

  16. Sorry, I thought you were Dan, but the sentiment remains the same. This whole thing against Sarah Palin is a conspiracy. See why here.

  17. Wonder if the Johnston kids have thought about how they will satisfy an IRS claim. I assume all the trips and finical compensation is most likely considered "income". Surely Mr. Butler and Mr. Tank advised them of same prior to any engagements.

    Star's magazine and the gryphen/griffin blog might as well be memorialized for any potential custody battle of Tripp as well. Oh, forgot about photo and video recordings of Teen awards and Larry King. Might even go back as far as the initial appearance on LKLive where Larry advises Levi to secure an attorney and pursue custody of Tripp. Oh, shortly after this was when the butlertank rolled in---wonder if there might be some connection there?

    Anyone think it possible about a LK/Butler financial arrangement? Just wondering!

  18. Think on this PDS freaks- Why would Todd and Sarah's fathers be going to Idaho together if their were divorcing?

    "Palin's father, father-in-law to campaign in Idaho for GOP congressional candidate"

  19. Stacy,

    Caught that link,leading to another link, of the "Speedo" photo. I hope that wasn't just an accident.....thanks. your fans...;-)